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  4. hello can i buy a subscription with paypal?
  5. Can we get the script to work once again? used to work few months ago, but it dosent seem to work anymore, any news regarding this?
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  7. Based on a survival adventure, the game is a combination of Rust and DayZ. Players enter a doomsday world where they must constantly take on various challenges in order to survive
  8. Can someone help me? I did all the steps, it says "wescript.app" at the top of my game and then I press f8 and f5, I can press insert to get box up with the settings, but it doesn't show any of the spell tracker stuff around enemy champs as seen in the video?
  9. Words can not describe how much this means to me, THank you so much man! really!!
  10. To anyone reading this, here's an honest review of someone not affiliated with this site after testing this tool for one week. This review ONLY applies to the WeScript Dead By Daylight assembly. @Poptart and @GameHackerPM have put out one of the best DBD tools. There are private DBD tools that cost +50$ per month, are processor-intensive, riddled with bugs or rage-kiddie bs that gets the cheat detected in a month and lack simple, yet important features like a Totem or Pallet ESP and most of them break after every update. And to top it all of, they're detected. Not even speaking of the 20$ bs that is obvious scam like nova-cheats, dbd-services, iwantcheats and the trash that nests on sites like EPVP. As a side note: Anyone telling you that their cheat is UNDETECTABLE is lying and a scammer. Don't be an idiot by giving scammers your money. Without further ado, let's get into the actual review. Performance and Stability: 8/10 I can steadily run the game at 120 FPS without crashes or BSODs. The Wescript-Dummy takes around 10% of my total CPU power. Note that I've modified some of Poparts features like changing the player ESP to display real-time hitboxes instead of lines. If you already have troubles running Dead by Daylight at 60 FPS, you might run into issues using this app, but you should not have any issues with this on semi-decent computers. Features: 10/10 Simply the best. It has everything you need. Totems, Generators, Teammates, Killer, Chests, Windows, Pallets, Keys (Yes, if a survivor happens to find a key mid-game it'll display that), Hagtraps, Dreamsnares, Beartraps, Demogorgon's portals (Yes, it shows them before the Demo has used them), Gates, Hatch (Yes, it shows the hatch before it even spawns) and it will have even more features in the future. @Poptart has implemented more features in one month FOR FREE than paid providers have since the release of their tool. Let that sink in. Transparency and Support: 8/10 WeScript does not state what specs are needed to run their launcher or specific assemblies. The owner seems to be a reasonable and nice guy though that offers refunds to users incapable of running the trainer. Although not necessarily a sign of safety due to how AVs work, you do not have to disable your AV software or uninstall anything to use this tool and the launcher seems to be clear. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a7d66b7c638b6f6c855db334b237dc574ff3274d33e6833e51080e95fdaa871e/detection @Poptart offers technical support for anyone having issues with installing this tool in his Discord. He helped me out and I can confirm that Poptart really takes his time trying to resolve issues, just like the author of the post above has stated. Quality: 9/10 There are only two truly annoying bugs at the moment: The first being that the pallet ESP doesn't work properly and displays broken/fake pallets and the second being the ESP still drawing the position of dead/disconnected players. These issues might get fixed in the feature and if they do, I'll update this review with a gameplay session demonstrating this tool. There are also minor bugs such as Medkits or Killers being displayed as Keys sometimes but nothing game-breaking, or rather, game-crashing. Customization: 10/10 The tool is open-source and you can use the WeScript API to build your own tool. No other provider does that. If you have basic coding knowledge, you can easily create an own tool to your liking. If you know how to code trainers, WeScript might still be interesting for you because it includes an EAC driver bypass. Security: ? I've been using this for a week now and haven't been banned so far. Time will tell how reliable@Feretorix EAC bypass is that comes included with the subscription. A DBD hack isn't worth a penny if it gets detected, especially since DBD is a grind-heavy game where you can not afford to get banned because you'll have to rebuy the DLCs and play +500 hours just to have most of the important perks unlocked. I can not vouch for the security of this hack yet so don't use this on your main account. It doesn't have any rage-kiddie features so it's less likely that EAC gathers information about this tool through in-game mass-reports. Conclusion: If this stays undetected, it's the best DBD tool on semi-decent computers. No discussion. I can recommend using it on throwaway accounts (HWID spoofing might be needed, I'm unsure whether DBD bans HWID). If you're looking for a tool on low-end computers or that you can use on main accounts, you're better off coding your own trainer + bypass from scratch. Alternatively, you can try your luck and find an invite-slot.
  11. Issue was resolved by disabling "Memory integrity" in Windows Security's Core Isolation feature. You might also have to disable Secure Boot.
  12. Please release the hwid spoofer used for the apex hack me and others still use it but the cheat itself gets us banned
  13. Actually that's so cool bro! 😄 Well Done! lUL.
  14. Oh, this is the transaction ID i got in my email Sorry this is the one you're looking for: 5N013330757870332
  15. Thank you so much!
  16. legit af! all these are hand crafted to perfection and the support is unfathomable! best support ive ever had to deal with and they go above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy at the end of the day! please continue to release bangers!!
  17. That is not a correct transaction ID. You have used PayPal to purchase.
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