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  3. It's Friday. I really hope that I'll be able to play on the weekend.
  4. Change the name of the Process, Like we do with the loader here
  5. NEW UPDATE OUT FOR EPICS LAUNCHER SUPPORT If you have already paid and just want to smurf on your opponent, you'll notice another link where you paid ❤️
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  8. Recently some games that was capturing the addresses happened to detect my bypass meogo not to detect the Cheat Engine! Would anyone know how to leave the Cheat Engine Undetectable for some anti-cheats?
  9. No. Gona make more than 6 days since this got detected, maybe when return, we receiv a compesation?
  10. There's not a lot of change and news. Just settings that I think are good to play. Based on: Features: - Aimbot. (Real Moviment) - TriggerBot. - RCS. - ESP. - 2D Radar. - Bunny. - AntiFlash ESP reveals who is disarming the bomb. This is easier to identify. Download WeCSGlobal: https://github.com/Intup/WeScripts Soon I will release the premium version: - Rage - Prediction - WeaponIndex - WeaponSlot - AimSilent - Settings for each weapon. - Glow: C4, Grenades and Weapons. - Mod: Legit, Rage and Custom.
  11. Rocket League tool has been updated for the recent patch, go earn your new ranks!
  12. socks4 https://pastebin.com/j66KfHC3 socks5 https://pastebin.com/c1fpMPsB
  13. U can explain how to hide that process? I search for something but cant figure out, how to
  14. Yea, he's working on a new bypass method and he'll update the cheat asap. And to fix the menu issue, you can try to use windows in English language.
  15. The following line crashes the assembly: var heroData = SDKUtil.ReadStructureEx<GameObjectStruct>(processHandle, heroPtr, isWow64Process); Just wrap it into a try/catch block and continue the loop if an exception is thrown. GameObjectStruct heroData; try { // This line here fails and crashes the program. heroData = SDKUtil.ReadStructureEx<GameObjectStruct>(processHandle, heroPtr, isWow64Process); } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine(e); continue; }
  16. Maybe u can explain how i can hide? Or u gona implement it to make automatic?
  17. I get the same message and crashes. Will it be fixed soon?
  18. its not matter because i get banned with smooth 1 but the spoofer work good
  19. Exactly hidden all windows and processes belonging to the notepad, had fun playing 3 hours non stop and got to level 10 when i got banned. Now I am trying a different aimbot approach to see if it will make it even last longer.
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