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    Cheat works only on Windows 10. Tested from 1803 builds to 2004 where it should work fine, not tested on other builds or customized windows-es. It includes a HWID Spoofer, meaning if you have been banned - this will get you unbanned, just create a new (fresh) Origin account. Click here to buy a subscription and unlock not only Apex Legends, but other premium cheats. Also using WeScript.Dummy is not safe and will get your account banned, unlock for less than a dollar the secret method how to stay 100% safe after spoofing your HWID. (That is if you have purchased access to the VIP API and plan on using the cheat. https://wescript.app/subscriptions/ ) What the cheat consists of: -ESP with dynamic range for enemies (default 240) -Healthbars -Armorbars -Aimbot (default AIMKEY is CAPS LOCK) -Aimspot -Drawing predicted AimSpot -AimSmooth (but who needs this, right?) How it looks like in-game: Link to download and install the assembly: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies
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    I want to introduce EFT Cheat and Easy ESP Undetected totally! (External) [Insert] For the menu to edit visuals and items required. Our cheat Discord: https://discord.gg/fzHv26n Current Features: Enemy ESP. Player Names. Distance. Bots ESP. Bosses And Raiders ESP. Health ESP. Map Loot Items ESP. There are more Features gonna be added very soon included Skeleton and Aimbot.. Here are some Screenshots: Now to buy it, you need to be Subscribed in WeScript.APP (WSA) from the store here: https://wescript.app/subscriptions/ (14.99 EUR Per Month) + Pay another 35 Euro via the next box to be able to use it! So Total is (50 Euros Per Month) Notice this price will get higher later, but this is the lowest price in the market for Undetected cheat (ESP). After that you can simple install the assembly in WSA after installing it from here: https://wescript.app/forum/4-wescriptloaderexe-download/ Then Install the Assembly itself by using this Link: https://github.com/GameHackerPM/WeScriptsAddons And Choose Escape From Tarvkov Assembly Important to avoid getting banned: You need to inject to notepad.exe instead of WeScript.Dummy.exe to change that: Click on Settings then change WeScript.Dummy to Notepad, and once you open notepad as administrator it should work and it will automatically close the loader! Make sure not to open the loader while you are in game! to avoid getting banned. You can also see a video for whole process from here: Thanks and enjoy hacking..!
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    WeScript.APP is a free software created by @Feretorix. It's a process memory reader with a transparent on screen D3D overlay which compiles C# source codes directly from GitHub as "addons/assemblies" filtered trough a safety sandbox mode for the Windows operating system. While WeScript.APP is mostly used for cheating in computer games, assemblies for it could work for completely legit purposes. Introduction WeScript.APP can't be effectively used without adding at least one assembly - specifically created for it from a GitHub link (or locally), example: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies Once the program starts it spawns an external DirectX overlay. After that it downloads a fresh C# source code from GitHub for all the currently added assemblies to it. Once they are downloaded - each one of them will be compiled and placed in a directory at %appdata%\WSXXXXXXXX\Compiled. After compiling is completed, each one of the assemblies which are enabled in the Loader will be loaded by the Sandbox which makes sure they are safe to use and no malicious code is added or injected in any of the GitHub repositories, If the assembly is safe to use it will be successfully loaded, else the Sandbox will spit an error and refuse to load the unsafe code. Once loading completes, you can safely leave WeScript.APP open (or minimized). A watermark at the top middle of your screen will appear which means you can safely go and play your favorite game. You can stop at any time the Loader to deactivate all of the assemblies at once. Each time you want to activate or deactivate assemblies from the Loader, you must press [F5] (by default) in order to re-load them from the Sandbox. Developer Features The APP in general offers easy to use API which saves a lot of time for developers creating the so called "External Cheats" for different games. Even the Core of the program provides specific API which allows developers to access (read) memory of any game using a variety of drivers with a single line of code. The program also has the ability to safely write bytes to non executable memory regions which helps preserving a safe environment for the user (consumer) and not escaping the SANDBOX safety mode. The API also allows drawing on the desktop (safely - outside of any game) different graphical shapes, sprites or text depending on the need of the assembly. The API extends further by allowing sending key strokes/key press and mouse movement. The rest of the code features are; but not limited to module address and size grabbing, pattern (signature) scanning, variety of WorldToScreen functions and many more. Paid Subscription Plans While there are tons of games which do not have hardcore anti-cheat to protect them (or are easy to bypass), a lot more have driver anti-cheats which block memory access to them. Having a subscription plan for WSA not only upgrades your forum account but also grants you access to a lot of assemblies which utilize special "WSA API" which bypasses driver anti-cheats (available only for Developers/Contributors/Donators/Subscribers/Moderators/Administrators). Also with this you unlock access to private forums which include specific bypasses or even HWID spoofers (but not limited to). Monetization Options for Developers (Creators) Developers and Contributors which create assemblies/addons for WSA are allowed to monetize their work by utilizing WSA Points, which users spend on their work. Earning them real money at the end of each month. The benefit is a bigger community and higher chance for exposure to your work, which usually means better profits and higher interest. If you are interested, you can read more about it here. Everyone with little to no knowledge can try and code their own assemblies, they will receive help from the community to get on the right track - how to properly use the API and create their own assemblies/addons for the games they love. Becoming a real Developer in no time and earning some good cash.
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    BETA VERSION 0.1.7 (Steam and Epic Launcher) Rocket League Tool Features Include but not limited to 1.) Shows Accurate Boost Timers "Can be used with BakkesMod" Features to be added: 1.) Team and Enemy ESP 2.) Ball ESP + Prediction Lines: EDIT = DONE. BASIC LINE PREDICTION TO GOAL WITH A SIMPLE BALL ESP 3.) Car to Ball Aimbot completed. With "Key is Down" Toggle 4.) Auto jumps into ball (Hard coded with car to ball aimbot) will not work unless same key is held down! 5.) Added Aim at Goal feature, "Thanks Heisa" (Can be toggled in menu if you do not want to use it) 6.) Added visuals to the ball to show where you should hit the ball to aim at goal if you choose not to use the feature provided above 7.) Fixed an issue where players that let go of the hotkey their car would still turn like they were still holding down a key "Thanks Fere" Credits go as follows: @GameHackerPM - Helped with a LOT of things and will be CoPartner from here @Heisa - Helped me from the start, I Wouldn't be here right now without his brilliant knowledge!!😅 @CorrM - Unknown to WeScript but his UFT 4 tool (For Unreal Engine 3 - 4) Provided accurate SDK. "https://corrm.github.io/uft/" Free tool awaiting Public Release @Feretorix - adding W2S Function and helping me not be so NOOB xD Please Please Request any Features you would like here as this is Beta and This Tool WILL GROW!!
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    So, I bought the premium version and the aimbot is just awesome! The only "annoying" thing is that you have to load the hack every time you start a new game. But other than that it is worth the money for sure!
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    Hello welcome. You who are starting to make your own hacks and are lazy or do not know how to search for addresses + offsets, this topic is for you. You can find these addresses + Offsets in several places. But I'll make it available here. Every time game update occurs. I will update this topic!! cs_gamerules_data = 0x0; m_ArmorValue = 0xB378; m_Collision = 0x320; m_CollisionGroup = 0x474; m_Local = 0x2FBC; m_MoveType = 0x25C; m_OriginalOwnerXuidHigh = 0x31C4; m_OriginalOwnerXuidLow = 0x31C0; m_SurvivalGameRuleDecisionTypes = 0x1320; m_SurvivalRules = 0xCF8; m_aimPunchAngle = 0x302C; m_aimPunchAngleVel = 0x3038; m_angEyeAnglesX = 0xB37C; m_angEyeAnglesY = 0xB380; m_bBombPlanted = 0x99D; m_bFreezePeriod = 0x20; m_bGunGameImmunity = 0x3944; m_bHasDefuser = 0xB388; m_bHasHelmet = 0xB36C; m_bInReload = 0x32A5; m_bIsDefusing = 0x3930; m_bIsQueuedMatchmaking = 0x74; m_bIsScoped = 0x3928; m_bIsValveDS = 0x75; m_bSpotted = 0x93D; m_bSpottedByMask = 0x980; m_bStartedArming = 0x33F0; m_bUseCustomAutoExposureMax = 0x9D9; m_bUseCustomAutoExposureMin = 0x9D8; m_bUseCustomBloomScale = 0x9DA; m_clrRender = 0x70; m_dwBoneMatrix = 0x26A8; m_fAccuracyPenalty = 0x3330; m_fFlags = 0x104; m_flC4Blow = 0x2990; m_flCustomAutoExposureMax = 0x9E0; m_flCustomAutoExposureMin = 0x9DC; m_flCustomBloomScale = 0x9E4; m_flDefuseCountDown = 0x29AC; m_flDefuseLength = 0x29A8; m_flFallbackWear = 0x31D0; m_flFlashDuration = 0xA420; m_flFlashMaxAlpha = 0xA41C; m_flLastBoneSetupTime = 0x2924; m_flLowerBodyYawTarget = 0x3A90; m_flNextAttack = 0x2D70; m_flNextPrimaryAttack = 0x3238; m_flSimulationTime = 0x268; m_flTimerLength = 0x2994; m_hActiveWeapon = 0x2EF8; m_hMyWeapons = 0x2DF8; m_hObserverTarget = 0x338C; m_hOwner = 0x29CC; m_hOwnerEntity = 0x14C; m_iAccountID = 0x2FC8; m_iClip1 = 0x3264; m_iCompetitiveRanking = 0x1A84; m_iCompetitiveWins = 0x1B88; m_iCrosshairId = 0xB3E4; m_iEntityQuality = 0x2FAC; m_iFOV = 0x31E4; m_iFOVStart = 0x31E8; m_iGlowIndex = 0xA438; m_iHealth = 0x100; m_iItemDefinitionIndex = 0x2FAA; m_iItemIDHigh = 0x2FC0; m_iMostRecentModelBoneCounter = 0x2690; m_iObserverMode = 0x3378; m_iShotsFired = 0xA390; m_iState = 0x3258; m_iTeamNum = 0xF4; m_lifeState = 0x25F; m_nFallbackPaintKit = 0x31C8; m_nFallbackSeed = 0x31CC; m_nFallbackStatTrak = 0x31D4; m_nForceBone = 0x268C; m_nTickBase = 0x3430; m_rgflCoordinateFrame = 0x444; m_szCustomName = 0x303C; m_szLastPlaceName = 0x35B4; m_thirdPersonViewAngles = 0x31D8; m_vecOrigin = 0x138; m_vecVelocity = 0x114; m_vecViewOffset = 0x108; m_viewPunchAngle = 0x3020; //signatures: anim_overlays = 0x2980; clientstate_choked_commands = 0x4D28; clientstate_delta_ticks = 0x174; clientstate_last_outgoing_command = 0x4D24; clientstate_net_channel = 0x9C; convar_name_hash_table = 0x2F0F8; dwClientState = 0x589DD4; dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer = 0x180; dwClientState_IsHLTV = 0x4D40; dwClientState_Map = 0x28C; dwClientState_MapDirectory = 0x188; dwClientState_MaxPlayer = 0x388; dwClientState_PlayerInfo = 0x52B8; dwClientState_State = 0x108; dwClientState_ViewAngles = 0x4D88; dwEntityList = 0x4D4F1FC; dwForceAttack = 0x318073C; dwForceAttack2 = 0x3180748; dwForceBackward = 0x3180778; dwForceForward = 0x3180754; dwForceJump = 0x51F8E14; dwForceLeft = 0x318076C; dwForceRight = 0x3180790; dwGameDir = 0x6285F8; dwGameRulesProxy = 0x526C114; dwGetAllClasses = 0xD6123C; dwGlobalVars = 0x589AD8; dwGlowObjectManager = 0x5296FF0; dwInput = 0x51A07D8; dwInterfaceLinkList = 0x905354; dwLocalPlayer = 0xD3AC5C; dwMouseEnable = 0xD40800; dwMouseEnablePtr = 0xD407D0; dwPlayerResource = 0x317EAE0; dwRadarBase = 0x5183F6C; dwSensitivity = 0xD4069C; dwSensitivityPtr = 0xD40670; dwSetClanTag = 0x89E50; dwViewMatrix = 0x4D40B44; dwWeaponTable = 0x51A1298; dwWeaponTableIndex = 0x325C; dwYawPtr = 0xD40460; dwZoomSensitivityRatioPtr = 0xD45700; dwbSendPackets = 0xD420A; dwppDirect3DDevice9 = 0xA7030; find_hud_element = 0x28931630; force_update_spectator_glow = 0x3A05B2; interface_engine_cvar = 0x3E9EC; is_c4_owner = 0x3AD040; m_bDormant = 0xED; m_flSpawnTime = 0xA370; m_pStudioHdr = 0x294C; m_pitchClassPtr = 0x5184208; m_yawClassPtr = 0xD40460; model_ambient_min = 0x58CE4C; set_abs_angles = 0x1D43E0; set_abs_origin = 0x1D4220; - Update: 09/09/2020 - Update: 09/17/2020
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    https://pastr.io/view/t2K3LbCJYql https://pastr.io/view/Sp4Oe07jRJ6 For my fellow Apex Legends users.
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    Notice There have been what i assume are manual bans ive heard of 6 people over the past 3 days that are unable to connect to the game Latest Menu Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ewsr33 Virustotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/35ec1c8c83cf52306a1478c4b057e38b4452dcce6b723308679fba9cf77ea94d/detection Features Flyguys = 0 gravity + high divespeed RandomTele = teleport randomly above players heads works best with flyguys enabled imo Fully automated but the game must be the active window if used Automated most team games, some team cheats are only enabled via enabling AutoPlay like EggScramble warp/RocknRoll/Hoarders Hoops https://gyazo.com/028fd705668759f998404a810ad5453a FallBall https://gyazo.com/1e549acae9e03295ba55b1f05cee38f0 EggScramble RocknRoll Hoarders <-- doesnt work to good yet but i dont feel like fixing it Automaticly Grabs Crown at Fall Mountain Automaticly Clears all tiles in HexaFall Automaticly Finishes in maps with finish lines
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    Flyguys = 0 gravity + high divespeed RandomTele = teleport randomly above players heads works best with flyguys enabled imo Fully automated but the game must be the active window if used Automated most team games, some team cheats are only enabled via enabling AutoPlay like EggScramble warp/RocknRoll/Hoarders Hoops https://gyazo.com/028fd705668759f998404a810ad5453a FallBall https://gyazo.com/1e549acae9e03295ba55b1f05cee38f0 EggScramble RocknRoll Hoarders <-- doesnt work to good yet but i dont feel like fixing it Automaticly Grabs Crown at Fall Mountain Automaticly Clears all tiles in HexaFall Automaticly Finishes in maps with finish lines Requires (0.2.6) MelonLoader.zip Download Link: ~get rid of the binaries and discord server~ Extract all files from the MelonLoader.zip in to Steam\steamapps\common\Fall Guys run the game once to generate all required files/folders. next step is compiling the AssemblyGenerator explained below Requires manual Compile of MelonLoader (0.2.6) AssemblyGenerator Download the Source from the list below MelonLoader Source: ~get rid of the binaries and discord server~ Extract everything to a folder you desire and open MelonLoader.sln in visual studio Open the Drop down of MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator in that drop down open AssemblyGenerator.cs and Ctrl+F run_fallback you will find two lines below that will look like this DownloaderAndUnpacker.Run($"{ExternalToolVersions.UnityDependenciesBaseUrl}{unityVersion}.zip", unityVersion, localConfig.UnityVersion, UnityDependencies.BaseFolder, tempfile); Replace it with this DownloaderAndUnpacker.Run($"{ExternalToolVersions.UnityDependenciesBaseUrl}2019.3.15.zip", unityVersion, localConfig.UnityVersion, UnityDependencies.BaseFolder, tempfile); After you replaced Both of those lines of code you can Right click MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator and Click Build After its done Building the AssemblyGenerator Succesfully Right click MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator again but this time click Open Folder in File Explorer Then go into obj\Debug and Copy the new MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator.exe and remove everything in Steam\steamapps\common\Fall Guys\MelonLoader\Dependencies\AssemblyGenerator and plaste the new MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator.exe Run fall guys once again and now you are ready to use the menu/mod ! https://anonfiles.com/J2F5XcRao6/FailGuys_zip
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    Updated with the latest Version and the latest EAC Bypass Driver as well! Thanks to @Feretorix ❤️ Ver.
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    Hello if you are here, it means you have been banned from Valorant and would like to return to play. I'm going to make it clear before some people start cursing at me. There are two methods, some of them should work. Software that we will use: First method: The first method is based/works on this topic and official author: Bios Spoofing -> Aptio V AMI Firmware Update Utility. -> FD44 Tool. -> UEFI Tool. -> Afudos.exe -> Rufus. -> HxD. Softwares: Donwload VirusTotal: Here The first method will depend on your motherboard. I tested only on ASUS boards and it worked on all. But don't worry the other method might work. Step one: I used Aptio V to dump your BIOS - Open as admin. - Click on "Save". - Choose the location where you will save a file as the name "afuwin.rom". - Wait. Step Two: Checking the BIOS Serial. I left two programs, will depend on your BIOS or your ability to information about UEFI. Using FD44 is simpler to use. -> Open the F4DD. -> Click "Open from BIOS Image file" -> Select the dumped file "afuwin.rom" Notice who has already changed my serial - "00000000000"(Motherboard S/N). It'll probably be other numbers for you. Save your serial, you will need for next step. Step three: Changing the value of your serial. Let's use HxD... You can use IDA as well. However, if you are new I recommend the HxD. -> Open the file "afuwin.rom". -> Press Ctrl+F to fetch your Serial in "Text-string" -> Make change by HxD -> Save. Save as new file. Put with the name "bios". Step four: It's the most boring. Let's use RUFUS and AFUDOS. You will need a USB or DVD/CD or any portable HD --[[ Author: You will need some programs called Rufus and AFUDOS. Make a bootable usb with rufus that boots to FreeDOS. Boot from it and use the AFUDOS program on the same USB drive to flash your bios with the new .rom file The .rom file should be named "bios.rom" when it's on the USB drive. There must also be a file called AUTOEXEC.bat with the following code: @echo off cls afudos.exe bios.rom /GAN this .bat file code will make it so that when you boot to the USB drive, it will start the flashing process. So once again, the USB drive will need to have the following files: AFUDOS.exe / bios.rom / AUTOEXEC.bat --]] Okay that was the first method 😃 Software that we will use: Second method: - This method can cause changes to your computer. I am not responsible for any defects/damages caused. Do it at your own risk. Softwares: Donwload Virustotal: Here There will be other programs within the .zip folder. But you'll just use the file "VirtualHardwares - 过机器码软件.exe" Make the changes and click on the bigger button at the end of the software and restart your machine. Maybe it works or maybe it doesn't. But there is the third method but it is paid ... But I can bring it here on the topic soon. Thanks BYE!!! 😄
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    You don't need to spam over the forum, there is a section just for Apex! It's already being updated, so calm down and wait for it.
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    There are 3 ways to make visiblity checks in games being external: Hope that somewhere in that "game" there is a isVisible (bSpotted in CSGO, but laggy) flag for each entity and you can access it just like you do for health, position, etc. (easiest) Find how the game is treating the map file and calculating walls, emulate this behavior and do the same in your external cheat. https://github.com/ReactiioN1337/valve-bsp-parser Find a function in the game which is used to check for visibility, write a shellcode and inject a thread in the game which will scan for you all entities and store the visibility result for you, so you can access it like in 1) Sadly this method is not possible in WSA since you can't inject shellcodes.
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    Hello, yes you can calculate screen of any game if you know your position, your viewangles, your fov and enemy position. Here is some ancient paste before 2010 which deserves some credit: //originally by deltashark aka P47R!CK #include<math.h> #include"Headers/Mosquito.h" #define BOUND_VALUE(var,min,max) if((var)>(max)){(var)=(max);};if((var)<(min)){(var)=(min);} int screen_center_x; int screen_center_y; // helper functions: inline float VectorLength(const vec3_t v) { return (float)sqrt(v[0]*v[0]+v[1]*v[1]+v[2]*v[2]); } /* finds angle between two vectors */ inline float VectorAngle(const vec3_t a, const vec3_t b) { float length_a = VectorLength(a); float length_b = VectorLength(b); float length_ab = length_a*length_b; if( length_ab==0.0 ){ return 0.0; } else { return (float) (acos(DotProduct(a,b)/length_ab) * (180.f/M_PI)); } } /* takes pitch/yaw and makes a vector */ void MakeVector(const vec3_t ain, vec3_t vout) { float pitch; float yaw; float tmp; pitch = (float) (ain[0] * M_PI/180); yaw = (float) (ain[1] * M_PI/180); tmp = (float) cos(pitch); vout[0] = (float) (-tmp * -cos(yaw)); vout[1] = (float) (sin(yaw)*tmp); vout[2] = (float) -sin(pitch); } void VectorRotateX(const vec3_t in, float angle, vec3_t out) { float a,c,s; a = (float) (angle * M_PI/180); c = (float) cos(a); s = (float) sin(a); out[0] = in[0]; out[1] = c*in[1] - s*in[2]; out[2] = s*in[1] + c*in[2]; } void VectorRotateY(const vec3_t in, float angle, vec3_t out) { float a,c,s; a = (float) (angle * M_PI/180); c = (float) cos(a); s = (float) sin(a); out[0] = c*in[0] + s*in[2]; out[1] = in[1]; out[2] = -s*in[0] + c*in[2]; } void VectorRotateZ(const vec3_t in, float angle, vec3_t out) { float a,c,s; a = (float) (angle * M_PI/180); c = (float) cos(a); s = (float) sin(a); out[0] = c*in[0] - s*in[1]; out[1] = s*in[0] + c*in[1]; out[2] = in[2]; } bool CalculateScreen(float* in,float* in_local_vieworigin,float* in_local_viewangle,float in_local_fov,float* out) { vec3_t aim; vec3_t newaim; vec3_t view; vec3_t tmp; float num; if(!in||!out){ return false; } VectorSubtract(in,in_local_vieworigin,aim); MakeVector(in_local_viewangle,view); //not in fov#!@#!@$#@!$ if (VectorAngle(view,aim) > (in_local_fov/1.8)) { return false; } VectorRotateZ(aim,-in_local_viewangle[1],newaim);// yaw VectorRotateY(newaim,-in_local_viewangle[0],tmp);// pitch VectorRotateX(tmp,-in_local_viewangle[2],newaim);// roll //they are behind us!@~!#@!$@!$ if (newaim[0] <= 0) { return false; } if(in_local_fov==0.0f){ return false; } num = (float)((screen_center_x/newaim[0])*(120.0/in_local_fov - 1.0/3.0)); out[0] = screen_center_x - num*newaim[1]; out[1] = screen_center_y - num*newaim[2]; //BOUND_VALUE(out[0],0,(float)screen_center_x*2); //BOUND_VALUE(out[1],0,(float)screen_center_y*2); return true; } Edit: Let me know if you need such W2S implemented in the Core.
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    Recently some games that was capturing the addresses happened to detect my bypass meogo not to detect the Cheat Engine! Would anyone know how to leave the Cheat Engine Undetectable for some anti-cheats?
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    Hello guys, i found this from another forum and wanted to post here to help some people who interest in Spotify Checker... So you can download it by using this link: https://github.com/4risto/WeScript.App/blob/master/SpotifyAccountChecker OPEN SOURCE.zip I hope it helps someone... 🙂
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    What do you mean by reinstall? Just install it in a different directory. Make sure the settings are fresh.
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    Assembly is updated, cheat fully working. EAC Bypass costs 15$ monthly: https://wescript.app/subscriptions/ (This bypass allows using all cheats, including Apex right now and much more in the future, plus a HWID spoofer). Edit: Added video demostration (With EAC)
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    Hello.. I decided to work around some of the scirpts that Feretorix made for example Apex Legends, it was fast edits just for now, if there any other ideas, please let me know. This is the same Feretorix's Apex Legends Script, but I modifed it a bit and added some stuff.. Here is the Orignal Topic: (Please follow that topic first before you install with the link below) What I added right now: 1. Radar. 2. Button for AimSpot Switch and Status of the current AimSpot. 3. Item ESP: (Ver. 4. Items Menu: (Ver. Known Problems: Currently the Radar has something wrong with it which it shows the oppsite side for the enemy somehow the left goes right and the right goes left. (Sorry for that, will fix it asap) So Here is the GitHub Link: https://github.com/GameHackerPM/WeScriptsAddons (For Any Updates, you can simply refresh the download to get the latest version) Updated for both Driver and Free Bypass, if you are subscriber you can switch between them from the menu, if you are free user, it should work directly! Thanks Feretorix for WeScript.App and Awesome Free script for Apex + EAC Bypass.
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    Hi everyone! So I have some small tips to stay unbanned for longer. I'm currently on the 5th - 6th day and I'm not banned. I'm playing around 3-4 hours per day. At first for the tips to work you have to unlock the hidden content from Feretorix here. If you haven't yet, then you cannot complain about you're getting banned within hours and don't read any further. Tips: I'm working on something that semi-automates the most important tip above as well as the opening of apex. Stay tuned! Play safe and have fun! 😉😉
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    Today pushed new update supporting the latest UE4 engine update. Added generators ESP (as requested).
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    Welcome to this topic. I'm going to leak some information about Vanguard's HWID ban. Good as everyone who has tested the method of changing the BIOS serial, it no longer works! Take a look here: Vanguard now does serial reading of your video card and I recommend you disable smart from your HDD/SSD. Things Vanguard read to banish me: --- Card name: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics. --- Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_0000&DEV_9874&S0S_80000000043&REV_E2 --- Device Status: 0120210A. --- Sound Devices --- Description: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) --- Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0887&SUBSYS_104386C7&REV_1003 --- Cap Flags: 0xF1F Others that detect: ROM Drives: --- Model: WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 --- UUID: XXXX-XXX-XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX System Devices: --- Device ID: PCI\VE_1022&DEV_43&SUBSYS_00011&REV_02\4&10EE0&000 I won't show my drive IDs but look at the names of the drives that are detected If your video card is not from AMD. Clearly will change!! EVR Power Information: --- Current Setting: {SERIAL ID} (Quality). Good basic summary of this topic: It's no use just changing the BIOS serial. You need to do a lot of things. It's up to you now. bye bye!!
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    Also interested in DayZ Standalone. Similar anticheat similar engine. I don't wanna ma a Thread for every game tho ;)
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    Thanks for these informations!
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    UPDATE 0.1.6 Fixed Hotkey Issues Added visuals to ball for Aim At Goal
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    It works for the latest Windows 10, it requires the game to be run in borderless mode and it requires you not to use WeScript.Dummy which the Loader spawns by default. Please contact @Aristo for further details.
  35. 1 point
    I've pushed an update for the "taskbar" issue you're having since it was part of the Core. @EssBeeYT If there are items ESP, he probably needs to add caching and not use a big heavy loop. Edit: On a quick look, indeed it needs caching the xyz positions of already existing items close to the players, maybe caching them every 1 second will be a good start.
  36. 1 point
    Program not tested, use at your own risk.
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  38. 1 point
    Really cool release, I want to suggest a few things for optimization: Offsets inside CSPlayer.cs should not be hardcoded. Instead you should try using signature scanning like in my project. When writing the color of the glow, you can make use of static bool WriteVector4(IntPtr hProcess, IntPtr Address, Vector4 value); since all of the color offsets are next to each other. (Only this since I haven't found a safe and reliable way to write whole structs at the moment). Add a bit more options in the menu to adjust the color of the glow and maybe more features I can't think of right now. Get rid of the Thread.Sleep(15); you have added in the renderer thread if possible, because it's slowing down the ESP drawing thread and it will work on lower FPS. (65 instead of 144)
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    kk. found that valorant anti cheat blocked it. uninstall valorant and it work now
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point
    You can also try restarting your router, just in case.
  44. 1 point
    Thanks for the effort, can't wait to see the aimbot feature! 😛
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    Yes, the current code will work for this: and not this: What you can do is simply swap them before sending them to the W2S code: Vector3 newVec = new Vector3(oldVec.X,oldVec.Z,oldVec.Y); (quick and lazy working fix)
  47. 1 point
    Cheat updated - 25th August 2020. Now it does not disconnect back to menu.
  48. 1 point
    I've always wondered how to do a wall check and structures at Aimbot. Why often your aim is pulled to wall or structures. However I'm blind and can't understand how to do this check on aimbot. If anyone can help me, I'll be happy. I try to understand and seek knowledge about it Thanks!
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    Released for Memory: static IntPtr FindSignatureBase(IntPtr hProcess, IntPtr Address, IntPtr Size, System::String^ Signature); static IntPtr ZwFindSignatureBase(IntPtr hProcess, IntPtr Address, IntPtr Size, System::String^ Signature); //with this you get directly the address at which a signature collision occurs and does not read any offset Released for Renderer: static bool WorldToScreenUE4(Vector3 worldPos, [Out] Vector2% screenPos, Vector3 Location, Vector3 Rotation, float FOV, Vector2 windowMargin, Vector2 windowSize); static bool WorldToScreenUE3(Vector3 worldPos, [Out] Vector2% screenPos, Vector3 Location, int Rotation_Pitch, int Rotation_Yaw, int Rotation_Roll, float FOV, Vector2 windowMargin, Vector2 windowSize);
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    First and obvious step is to have WeScript.app Loader installed. Then you need to download Visual Studio Community from here. After beginning the installation, choose ".NET desktop developement" After it finishes installing, either login with your existing Microsoft account, create one, or choose "Not now, maybe later". After that, choose your favorite color theme to continue. Go back to WeScript.app Loader (you must have already installed at least one assembly in order to access the menu) and press right click > Developer > New Type in the name of the new project you plan on working with and press OK After creating it, it will be added to the list with assemblies, again right click on it, Developer > Edit (so you will edit it with Visual Studio Community) After that, you can write your code (as all dependencies are already added to the project) - in this case it's "Hello World". When you're ready, rebuild and compile so the program will check for errors in your code. (if you have any, it will prompt you to fix them and won't compile). You can also save your project files if you want. (but by default Visual Community will save them on rebuild) You should be able to read in the logs a successful build Going back to WeScript.app Loader and make sure you have checked on your local test assembly you just worked on. Then press F8 (by default) to recompile and add to the Loader recent assemblies. In the console of WeScript, you will be able to monitor which assemblies get loaded and what they're printing on the console (if there's code that prints messages). And as you can see, the code which you wrote earlier in the project is now printed right after loading your "testproject" assembly! Congratulations! The location of the source code for your assembly can be found at the folder where your WeScript.app Loader location is > LocalAssemblies > yourprojectnamehere
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