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  1. That is not a correct transaction ID. You have used PayPal to purchase.
  2. You feel at home while working on UE4, nice 😉 stuff
  3. I am not sure anyone will risk doing anything for FN public.
  4. Tell us how you resolved it so other users can fix it too in the future.
  5. Hello, please give me the transaction ID.
  6. I will be giving you a refund since you're not using the spoofer or any other cheats of the platform. Edit: Done, let me know if it went trough.
  7. If you're trying the Apex assembly, it closes Loader on purpose so this problem occurs. Manually close yourself the Loader once before the assembly manages to do so - you will be fine.
  8. You need to be able to iterate the bones, here is an example code: Vector BonePos, drawPos; for (int bone = 0; bone < 71; bone++) { if (GetBonePosition(target, BonePos, bone)) { if (WorldToScreen(BonePos, drawPos)) DrawString(drawPos.x, drawPos.y, Color(255, 0, 0, 255), "%d", bone); } else continue; } Which looks like this: Source: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/counterstrike-global-offensive/176048-finding-bone-ids-external.html
  9. First you need some offsets, then you can try updating an already existing assembly on this site.
  10. Do you attach CE to a browser to cheat on this game? Isn't there a Windows version?
  11. The cheat is not active as I haven't updated it recently, nobody asked for it. The EAC bypass should 100% work like on DBD. The game became poor on players so the EAC version is weak.
  12. SharpDX is a drawing library, it works 100% at borderless(non fullscreen) and desktop resolution matching the game resolution. You just need to correctly update the script. You can make a new release topic and I will help you do a proper update.
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