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  1. As you all know you cannot manualmap into CSGO with easy anti cheat, but there is still a chance on how to make a cheat working on EasyAC NOTE: I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOUR CHEAT WORKING WITH THIS METHOD. .. IF YOU KNOW PLEASE DM ME AND I WILL EDIT THIS So there is cheats which you put into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam and name them crashhandler.dll which is a module loaded into CSGO by Steam I belive? Start easyAC, go to CMD and type "sc stop EasyAntiCheat" then you put the crashhandler AKA your cheat renamed to crashhandler into the steam directory... now you start CSGO and your cheat is probably going to inject. Then go to steam and start EasyAntiCheat again (it is already open but the service isnt) there you go!
  2. I've been working on my modern warfare cheat for the past couple months, and I decided to release it. I'm reading memory through a linux KVM and I wrote a custom overlay for looking-glass. I don't really expect anyone to try to recreate my setup, so this might be useful as a refrence for other developers. The way I made my memory library abstracts away the memory and overlay implentation so if you know rust and have a driver and an overlay, you can implement your driver with the ProcessHandleInterface in memlib-rs/memory/mod.rs and implement OverlayInterface in memlib-rs/overlay/mod.rs. If you do this you should have a fully working cheat. I might do this myself in the future if I get tired of low frames and rebooting every time I want to play cod. If you want to go thorugh the hassle of setting up a KVM on linux the aimbot should work but not the overlay as I haven't publicised my custom looking-glass overlay. I use this cheat pretty regularly, so I'll push the new updates whenever I make them. Source
  3. Features AimAssist Shot correction (Magnet) Technical This cheat is Internal/External type of a cheat built on top of the Interception drivers which Riot failed to block. Your mouse input is intercepted and the movement coordinates are "adjusted" to help you out. If you do not understand the Internal/External term, it means the cheat is external written as internal and therefore you can inject it into any process. Please note I took roughly 3 hours to write the features and the cheat as a whole so it is very rough around the edges. This is proof of concept that others should take as inspiration. I will release the source code later on. Source Very basic pixel bot source with the interception driver setup. Since Vanguard does not use any preventive measurements, you can just modify the source code if you know a little bit of C/C++ and run the cheat as if it was never released here (Add some junk, modify some parts of the code, or just use the Interception base as setup). In order to compile this, you need to update link to Interception.lib file in the project settings (in Linker). The solution is for Visual Studio with Visual C++ installed. If you have any comments about the source, quote me, but lot of it was written quickly so there aren't really interesting concepts in there. https://github.com/valolrant/valolrant Dll Part Instructions 1. Install the Interception driver 2. Download the cheat (two .dll files) 3. Find an original way to inject the "inject me" dll into 32-bit process - !DO NOT INJECT THE DLL INTO VALORANT!. I will not provide a tutorial on this, look up internal/externals. You can use any decent injector or hijack some legitimate dll like shown in the video 4. The interception.dll file needs to be in the appropriate folder according to how you inject, if the console does not show up, you have the interception.dll in the wrong place 5. If you did this correctly, a console will show up with "YES" written in it 6. Input your sensitivity, smoothing, and mode into the console, details are below 7. The console should disappear and you should be good to go 8. In-game, set colorblind mode to Purple 9. To disable the cheat, end the process you injected into Injection Never inject into Valorant or RIOT associated processes. Do not inject if the game is running. Injecting into CSGO like shown in the video is not a smart way of doing it. Ideally, find your own way of injecting the dll somewhere. The safety of the cheat relies heavily on the way you inject the dll, if you do what is shown in the video, it will most likely not get you far as that's gonna be the first thing they will check. This is also why there isn't a tutorial where I say, inject it into this... Use your own injector that you find somewhere and then inject it into 32 bit process of your choice. Console input Input the values in the following order: Sensitivity Smoothing Mode Example: 0.52 0.1 3 Smoothing has reasonable values around 0.01-0.2 based on your CPU and setup. The mode has 3 values (1, 2, 3). 1 is for Shot correction only, 2 is for AimAssist only, 3 is for both. Cheat status If you use a detected injector, you will be banned, of course, don't inject when the game is already running. Check comments as the status might change. Please note that the detection might rely heavily on the way people inject the dll and therefore might have mixed comments. Download https://anonfiles.com/f5M2X8R6o5/valorant_aimassist_zip
  4. Flyguys = 0 gravity + high divespeed RandomTele = teleport randomly above players heads works best with flyguys enabled imo Fully automated but the game must be the active window if used Automated most team games, some team cheats are only enabled via enabling AutoPlay like EggScramble warp/RocknRoll/Hoarders Hoops https://gyazo.com/028fd705668759f998404a810ad5453a FallBall https://gyazo.com/1e549acae9e03295ba55b1f05cee38f0 EggScramble RocknRoll Hoarders <-- doesnt work to good yet but i dont feel like fixing it Automaticly Grabs Crown at Fall Mountain Automaticly Clears all tiles in HexaFall Automaticly Finishes in maps with finish lines Requires (0.2.6) MelonLoader.zip Download Link: ~get rid of the binaries and discord server~ Extract all files from the MelonLoader.zip in to Steam\steamapps\common\Fall Guys run the game once to generate all required files/folders. next step is compiling the AssemblyGenerator explained below Requires manual Compile of MelonLoader (0.2.6) AssemblyGenerator Download the Source from the list below MelonLoader Source: ~get rid of the binaries and discord server~ Extract everything to a folder you desire and open MelonLoader.sln in visual studio Open the Drop down of MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator in that drop down open AssemblyGenerator.cs and Ctrl+F run_fallback you will find two lines below that will look like this DownloaderAndUnpacker.Run($"{ExternalToolVersions.UnityDependenciesBaseUrl}{unityVersion}.zip", unityVersion, localConfig.UnityVersion, UnityDependencies.BaseFolder, tempfile); Replace it with this DownloaderAndUnpacker.Run($"{ExternalToolVersions.UnityDependenciesBaseUrl}2019.3.15.zip", unityVersion, localConfig.UnityVersion, UnityDependencies.BaseFolder, tempfile); After you replaced Both of those lines of code you can Right click MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator and Click Build After its done Building the AssemblyGenerator Succesfully Right click MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator again but this time click Open Folder in File Explorer Then go into obj\Debug and Copy the new MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator.exe and remove everything in Steam\steamapps\common\Fall Guys\MelonLoader\Dependencies\AssemblyGenerator and plaste the new MelonLoader.AssemblyGenerator.exe Run fall guys once again and now you are ready to use the menu/mod ! https://anonfiles.com/J2F5XcRao6/FailGuys_zip
  5. Info: The cheat is loaded with my modified version of EFI mapper Basically I'm not loading more drivers when I reach to the system and I do the communication directly with the EFI driver General Notes: When the cheat get finally detected I will probably share the source, Driver source finally released (not exactly the last version): EFI Driver Access Aimbot button is MOUSE2 (Right Click) and you must hold the Right click! You can use the injector that you want but must be as manual map and leave the section as rwx UEFI MODE Windows Required 1* Some of you will need go to the BIOS and Other have the possibility of Boot Menu, Some of you have to enable keyboard bios mode if your keyboard don't work in bios and disable Secure Boot 2* if it's a console is better because you can see the number of spectators (but at same time could be a suspicious vector) while you have more than 0, example processes: ping.exe, taskmgr.exe, notepad.exe or non windows one's like anydesk.exe 3* NEVER OPEN THIS FILES WHILE THE GAME IS RUNNING AND NEVER TRY TO INJECT INTO THE GAME(sorry for the capital case but some people are amazing and don't read and more later comes here to tell me that they were banned) 4* With v1.1+ you should listen a melodic of beeps if works and an alone long beep if it fails How To Use: https://anonfiles.com/Ba92XbReof/CRZ_CHEAT_v1.2.1_rar
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