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  1. Well, you can't apply the offsets etc. onto other games, but commonly used functions (e.g. W2S, general aimbot stuff [stuff like mouse movement, randomization, etc.] could probably be used in other games as well. But no, your cheat won't function just by pasting everything and changing the process name.
  2. Lol, it's okay. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. I bought points just to see this...
  4. Stuff like extending hitboxes, reach, anything constant is definitely possible. I've implemented this myself. The difficult part is when it comes to finding stuff you don't know the exact position of in the beginning. That includes ESP, aimbot, etc.
  5. Damn, thanks for sharing. Obviously for security reasons :^)
  6. While this works, this might not bypass some anticheats. Most of the time you're fine though.
  7. Not because I'm biased or anything, but Minecraft would probably be the best option when it comes to avoiding potential legal repercussions. 😁
  8. Nice! Also, I like how that exploit works. It surprises me that this simple bypass never caught anyone's attention before.
  9. u004A

    HWID Spoofer

    https://github.com/btbd/hwid I think this is your best bet. In my opinion, creating a new HWID spoofer while there are many open-source alternatives out there is unnecessary. But in the end, it's not my decision to make.
  10. You have done this in C#, or with assistance of lower-level languages? Nice job regardless.
  11. At this point you are close to installing an antivirus that false-positives too much.
  12. Thanks! I will take a look at that. Since I really want to tackle this externally, do you have any recommendations on actually finding those player patterns? Also, do you think an assembly for Minecraft for WeScript could be done?
  13. I've experimented with Minecraft for a while now, and the only real features I was able to get to work were ones that relied on constant values. The default reach value, for example, is 3.0, so I simply pattern scanned for that to get matches. I continously scanned to get the addresses I was searching for even after GC cleanup cycles or JIT-related things. The problem I'm facing, and I haven't really made progress on it, is to find anything player-related. That involves stuff like aimbots, ESP, etc. I can't find any pattern, since values quite obviously won't work as they are dynamic, that allows me to efficiently do things like that. How would I go about finding those patterns? If there will be a Minecraft assembly (hopefully), would those modules be included? Thanks
  14. I would stay away from pixel aimbots. They are resource intensive and in most cases simply unreliable.
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