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  1. Minecraft, Z represents depth, X horizontal orientation, and Y vertical orientation.
  2. Alright, I see. If you include this in WSA, can you post the source to your implementation of it? Because I don't understand how the Vec3 struct works in this. For example, this: VectorRotateZ(aim,-in_local_viewangle[1],newaim);// yaw VectorRotateY(newaim,-in_local_viewangle[0],tmp);// pitch VectorRotateX(tmp,-in_local_viewangle[2],newaim);// roll Why call VectorRotateZ on yaw? Shouldn't it be called on roll or does Z represent X in this source and X represent Z? Or in the MakeVector function: void MakeVector(const vec3_t ain, vec3_t vout) { float pitch; float yaw; float tmp; pitch = (float) (ain[0] * M_PI/180); yaw = (float) (ain[1] * M_PI/180); tmp = (float) cos(pitch); vout[0] = (float) (-tmp * -cos(yaw)); vout[1] = (float) (sin(yaw)*tmp); vout[2] = (float) -sin(pitch); } So the first index of his Vec3 struct is Y/pitch and then the second is X/yaw?
  3. Yes, okay, then it's good. I saw some other implementations that actually relied on the Z axis not being 0, so I'm kind of biased there. 😛
  4. If it also works without the Z viewaxis (roll viewangle), then yes - this would be really helpful to have in the core! Thanks 😄
  5. The problem is that the game I'm working with doesn't have a roll viewangle, just pitch and yaw (Minecraft). Else, I probably would have used a Quake style world to screen, since I think UE3 works with its own units (?). Thanks though! Edit: I could try passing in 0 for the roll angle, but I assume some calculations rely on that view axis, so I doubt it.
  6. This isn't really assembly specific, but I wasn't 100% sure where to put it, so if that's not the right place, feel free to move it. I am trying to convert three dimensional world coordinates into coordinates on my screen. However, I do not have access to a view matrix (I get all information via packets), only to the camera's pitch and yaw angles, source coordinates (ground coordinates, not eye coordinates), target coordinates, window resolution, and field of view. I have come up with this so far, but since I don't know how to incorporate view angles into the function, it yields incorrect results: public static bool WorldToScreen(Vec3 source, Vec3 target, Vec2 viewAngles, uint fov, out Vec2 screenPos) { screenPos = new Vec2(); Vec2 deltaAngles; uint hWindowRes = 1920; uint vWindowRes = 1080; float hFov = GetFieldOfView(hWindowRes, vWindowRes, fov); float vFov = fov; CalcAngle(source, target, out deltaAngles); float hOffset = (float)(Math.Tan(deltaAngles.X * Math.Cos(hFov / 2) / Math.Sin(hFov / 2) * (hWindowRes / 2))); float hScreenPos = hWindowRes / 2 - hOffset; float vOffset = (float)(Math.Tan(deltaAngles.Y * Math.Cos(vFov / 2) / Math.Sin(vFov / 2) * (vWindowRes / 2))); float vScreenPos = vWindowRes / 2 - vOffset; screenPos.X = hScreenPos; screenPos.Y = vScreenPos; return true; } My CalcAngle function looks like this: private static bool CalcAngle(Vec3 source, Vec3 target, out Vec2 viewAngles) { Vec2 angles; angles.X = (float)(((float)Math.Atan2(target.X - source.X, target.Y - source.Y)) / Math.PI * 180.0f); angles.Y = (float)(Math.Asin((target.Z - source.Z) / Vec3.Distance(source, target)) * 180.0f / Math.PI); viewAngles = angles; return true; } My questions are: How would I create a method out of this to calculate screen coordinates using just the information I have (no view matrix, or three dimensional camera axes -> I only have pitch and yaw)? If my current approach turns out to be flawed already, how would I go about creating a function that accomplishes that? Would just replicating a rotation matrix be the better option? Of course that would imply I'd have to account for crouching, FOV changes, etc. manually as well. Thanks!
  7. Well, you can't apply the offsets etc. onto other games, but commonly used functions (e.g. W2S, general aimbot stuff [stuff like mouse movement, randomization, etc.] could probably be used in other games as well. But no, your cheat won't function just by pasting everything and changing the process name.
  8. Lol, it's okay. I'm looking forward to it.
  9. I bought points just to see this...
  10. Stuff like extending hitboxes, reach, anything constant is definitely possible. I've implemented this myself. The difficult part is when it comes to finding stuff you don't know the exact position of in the beginning. That includes ESP, aimbot, etc.
  11. Damn, thanks for sharing. Obviously for security reasons :^)
  12. While this works, this might not bypass some anticheats. Most of the time you're fine though.
  13. Not because I'm biased or anything, but Minecraft would probably be the best option when it comes to avoiding potential legal repercussions. 😁
  14. Nice! Also, I like how that exploit works. It surprises me that this simple bypass never caught anyone's attention before.
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