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  1. Successfully updated. Check discord mate. I sent it like few days ago. I guess you're not that active in discord :3
  2. Finally I came up with a good spoofer. If you're interested join my server for more details or questions. ☣️ THE PLAQUE SPOOFER ☣️ Why choose us? * We provide a spoofing method which is completely different from other suppliers which our team is proud of to release this product. Our spoofer spoofs almost everything you need and tracked by EAC and BE games. STATUS : UNDETECTED ✔️ What we spoof : - HDD/SDD - Mobo - Smbios - MAC Address - DiskIO - Machine ID's - Local ID's Our Spoofer provides a new feature that has ability to chose on which specific hardware that you would like to spoof. Prices for credit/debit card-PayPal payments STARTER DISCOUNTS : (50% Discounts to Subscriptions) 1 day = $10 -> $5 1 week = $25 -> $15 1 month = $60 -> $30 Lifetime =$300 Spoofer details is on our discord server : https://discord.gg/tYqjx2r
  3. Hello, been a long time and back to wescript. -censored- Thank you , peace ✌️
  4. Using Logitech G Hub Here this guy shows a paid version one but almost the same step.
  5. I am currently working on a hard coded sp00fer which spoofs all serials and registry(perm). I just need some info from you guys if you know about what does anti cheat companies as such detects for a HWID ban user. Your info would be helpful for me to make my software better. Thank you. _______________
  6. Yea it works on APEX but EAC just did some updates today. I think to focus more on spoofers rather than cheats they keep patching up several ways to spoof HWID. i think they're planning to clear up cheaters forever lol.
  7. Actually that sounds better. To keep it safe and secure. Rather than getting detected easily.
  8. I think 1 day is more than enough for a trial and you can test in out in a day to decide whether to buy.. You should see other cheat services who don't provide trials and even they provide it would be minimum just a day. Let's just appreciate @Feretorix effort for creating a driver bypass. Maybe a special discount for wescript members would sound better. That's just my opinion.😁
  9. Add me on Discord : Zapple_Ice#2133 ill guide
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