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  1. This is what's preventing the reconnect, they def got origin in on this XD
  2. I can confirm old eac bypass will get you banned, no eac error anymore just a ban with new acc in firing range
  3. It seems like S6 update came with some hot tamales. Eac bypass i can confirm is patched. Looks like we have to find another way to disable eac. Still you have to admit for something so simple, it took them a while XDDD https://streamable.com/88qscz
  4. What you are requesting now has already been done. If I'm correct you recently joined this forum and, it has a working eac bypass. If you want another eac bypass with feretorix his drivers. Buy the upgrade. Dont keep asking for eac bypasses on the thread when it's already there.
  5. https://www.macrorecorder.com/download/ open phrase express select the one you downloaded, then another window pops up on the right side of where you selected it with the same name. Click on it and macro recorder will open the phrase. Now you just click on the button in macrorecorder that says send to phraseexpress. Do that set the hot key and set it on execute immediatly like in the video then try again. I tried and saw that indeed there is an issue if you dont have macrorecorder installed.
  6. you need to open the phrase in macro recorder by clicking on it in phrase express, the window on the right hand side. Feretorix his reconnect works fine because it uses pixel detect, but sometimes the game doesnt load the timer so it wont reconnect. I use phrase express because i like to disconnect and reconnect on many different occasions for example when im in gunfights or a team is 100m away. Its weird for some people it works fine maybe your screen resolution is not 1920x1080, opening it with macro recorder and resending it trough phrase express will fix it.
  7. So the exe programs that open up, open the cmd one and close it, this will re inject the menu then try again, also when compiling do not have the cheat marked as in on
  8. Btw the accounts im using are all banned still im playing full games so lol
  9. you guys are pretty ungrateful complaining here, point me to the next free apex cheat with support, so wait for an reply like everyone else.
  10. That is something you can not do XD only @Feretorix can edit this so stop complaining XD
  11. Best way to spoof is have clean backup of window. or just try another account, it may be the acc
  12. The timer resets when youre fov circle dissapears on the loading screen its normal, disconnect at 15 sec to prevent this
  13. This is not an issue, its completely normal. As i mentioned before in my comment, Origin does not like the speed of logging of/on that fast, so sometimes it crashes. Restart it or sometimes it does that by itself, then relaunch apex,
  14. Bunnyhop script, like normal slide and hold space bar. enjoy $space:: loop While GetKeyState("space","P") { Send, {space} Sleep, 15 ; every 15 miliseconds } return
  15. This is my ultra fast slide glitch, almost like speed hacking but a very mild version enjoy Ohh i use caps lock because its closer to wasd keys. you can change it. use this in gunfights tricky asf for enemies to hit you $CapsLock:: While GetKeyState("CapsLock","P") { Send, {ctrl} Sleep, 0 ; every 0 miliseconds } { Send, {space} Sleep, 15 ; every 15 miliseconds } return
  16. Checkk my previous post, or scroll to the one @Aristo highlighted.
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