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  1. I am safe with 70 fov 😄 i can change it to 100 for you if you want. PM me if you want.
  2. Here is the settings file you want, default aim value but right click for aim. https://github.com/4risto/WeScript.App/blob/master/Apex default FOV%2C RMouse aimkey.rar
  3. Fere removed the aimspeed thing, i can only change the aim fov if you want.
  4. Sadly pastr.io deleted all the files 😞 and i do not have them any more sorry. I'll try to post more.
  5. My acc is still ok by the way(playing on the same acc, my nick is visible i hope no one will report me :p ) edit: I am suck at APEX. Sorry :S
  6. this is a new list, should be working 🙂
  7. You're welcome, I was just checking the forum 😄 you're the lucky one.
  8. If you meant V as aimkey, here it is, you can use this. (All the other settings are default.) https://github.com/4risto/WeScript.App/blob/master/apex with V key.rar Download this rar and move the folder to desktop, and Install that as local file and enable it in the loader.
  9. lol, I thought you have some problems and wanted to send a image kek, explanation is important 😛
  10. upload the pictures to any website like https://imgur.com/ and post the link.
  11. No problem, that's why i said we need a new thread because the old posts make people confuse, glow version works fine and i havent get banned, but i do not play much maybe i can get banned if i play too much or rage i am not sure but its not detected and bans you instantly.
  12. Yes, while using cheats you can get banned, i am not saying you never get banned o.O try to read it properly, Im just saying people read the old posts and think it's instantly detected or broken.
  13. This cheat is working fine with the glow version(without getting banned) the old posts do not belong to the new version of it. I think people need a new thread, kinda weird.
  14. No, that's not an error but maybe it needs to update but it's not about that spam.
  15. I do not think you should worry about it, it's just something inside the code that writes that WriteLine.
  16. Hmm not sure, but why do you need another eac bypass while we have a working one?
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