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  1. As I stated in my introduction I am extremely new to game hacking. As such, I've got some questions I would like to ask 🙂 The first and foremost is which games, or more specifically, which anti-cheats will this loader (assembly? I don't know what to call it 😛) be undetected for? I've spent a fair amount of time trying to figure this out on my own, but I can't quite nail down a definitive answer. From what I have managed to figure out, external cheats aren't necessarily "less" detectable than internal cheats, but rather it comes down to the individual developer/cheat that is being used. So naturally my question becomes: since any external cheat made using this publicly-available assembly would be using code that AC developers can download and look at, what allows this to be undetected? Since I am extremely new I wouldn't dare attempt to make something to be used in a game with real anti-cheat, but I would like to know if using this to make cheats for games with actual anti-cheat is a viable choice down the line. While I did do a lot of research in regards to my first question, forgive me, I haven't done hardly any in regards to this question. That being said, after I get some sleep it is the next thing I'm going to start looking into, so I figured I would post here while I'm already making a post. The question is two-parts: A) Can WeScript be used to hook/listen to game events and B) Is there an example of this / can an example be made for this? I'm sure I could sit and think of more questions, but I loathe asking for help (is a character flaw). I'm having a difficult time finding decent tutorials/snippets of things being done in C#, so having this assembly and the examples therein are a godsend for a beginner in this space. Before I started using these assemblies I was following a tutorial off of UC about simple reading/writing values to memory addresses. Having never used pointers before ... It was not a fun day. But I got through it, and learned a lot (is why I allowed myself to start using WeScript). Anyways, thanks to anyone who reads this, and extra thanks to the people who take the time to help a noob like myself out! 🙂
  2. Haha I end up using stack a fair bit for my day-to-day work, but I haven't managed to find answers to the game-hacking problems I have been running into (mostly related to pointers within c#). From my experience, the overwhelming response is "don't do it", which doesn't help me 🙂 But I'm figuring it out, a little at a time. That being said it will likely be a good little while before I feel confident enough to share some work. I don't know, though. We'll see 😁
  3. Just thought I'd post something to get my post count up 😄 New account and all. While I'm at it might as well make it official. Obviously been playing video games for quite a long time, and have been cheating for almost exactly as long 😛 Has always been a dream/goal/desire of mine to make my own cheats; not necessarily for profit (although that would be nice), but more to save myself the money of buying other people's cheats. I've got a fair bit of programming experience, though I would still call myself a beginner. I use the .Net Framework in my day-to-day job (although I use VB). Everything I know about programming is self-taught so as you can imagine there are a ton of gaps in my knowledge base (thank god for google); however, I do really enjoy learning and there is no shortage of information to learn. I can count on one hand the number of tasks that I can spend 8 hours on while having it feel like 5 minutes, and game-hacking (or rather just learning about it) is apparently one of them. It exhilarates me while simultaneously making me feel like I'm an idiot. Anyway I'm going to force myself to keep this short (could go on forever ykwim 🙂) See everyone around on the forum!
  4. Am posting a bit late to this, but I just recently found this community. As someone who has wanted to get a foot in the door to making their own cheats for awhile, but was having trouble finding motivation, the assemblies you've released are a god-send. Thanks for the continued hard work! 🙂
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