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  1. Yeah that is a good idea, tbh didn't think about it! I just added while using aimbot, it disable the ItemESP but you are right the way you are saying will be so much effective.. Will edit that ofc. Thanks for the tips. Edited: I was actually fixing it, but found that something changed with the offsets, I mean can't detect players or itemId? I know you are using sig, but can you check if it still updated?
  2. You can also consider any game (with even anti-cheats) but the ones that has no protection for memory! Which you still can scan memory and get/set values there..
  3. If possible find a good HWID Spoofer specially for Apex just to be safe if we ever got banned for any reason, so we can spoof ;D..
  4. Troll Reply... 😂 Boom http://bitick🕛🕧 ERQQERWRHEHE
  5. Thank god for "Stack Overflow" you mean xD ... Welcome to our community, hope you are happy with us here. Looking forward to see some of your work out there..
  6. Version has bee released, try to update the script and try again (for the 3rd one, you can simply control the text size from visual menu, make it less and it will be fine) Thanks for reporting issues.. Let me know if still any appears.
  7. Already done, just was waiting for any other better ways for display, but it's okay I made it simple now.
  8. It's updated now! Check it and also the ItemsMenu to decide which items to show up and which not.
  9. It's just to make it stay UD better than being free and it gets detected in no time!
  10. It's not only about the offsets, you have to understand what are you doing not just changing some numbers and it works! To do that, you need to learn programming and other stuff, I would recommend to follow this topic: https://guidedhacking.com/threads/ghb1-start-here-beginner-guide-to-game-hacking.5911/ It's so so good at teaching everything from 0 to Her0 ... Just Read/Watch videos and learn how things working.. It will take time, don't think it will be so simple or easy to get learnt in just a month or two, maybe if you have experience about any part either Programming or getting offets..!
  11. This is modified Version with some more additional features like ItemsESP + Radar + Hotkey/Display for AimSpot as well :
  12. I know it can be done simply by putting a check of the main with the check of each checkbox, so it needs to be enabled, but I was talking about the way of how it "Looks".. I don't like the way that I set all checkboxes to whatever the main enabled value is ... cause won't be so efficient cause of a case like if WeScript.App get closed while the main is false, then all other checkboxes will be false, and for example before I disable the main, I had 3 of the checkboxes enabled and other 2 are not, which in this case all will be enabled or disabled can't know my old choices (If the app is closed when it's false) I will need to save that settings ..etc to fix that. Which is not very good I believe.. I was just talking about the way of how it "Looks" that's all, but can work with it no problems.
  13. Hello, I think it will be good thing, if you can add "Enabled" field to MenuComponent Object, which should control if the component can be used or not, like normal Enabled Field in WPF or Forms in C#.. When uncheck the first checkbox ("Draw Ammo Items") it should disable the following checkboxes.. That's what I'm trying to do.
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