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  1. I added different IDs for each user running the software and yes uses the Vac-bypass dll
  2. Do the hacks used appear on Live, broker? Serial Possible to take the water marked and that the hack does not appear?
  3. if you have aimbot, a wall check or if the enemy is visible.
  4. yeah, I solved this a few days ago, this window did not appear to me. Because of missing permissions!
  5. Recently some games that was capturing the addresses happened to detect my bypass meogo not to detect the Cheat Engine! Would anyone know how to leave the Cheat Engine Undetectable for some anti-cheats?
  6. There's not a lot of change and news. Just settings that I think are good to play. Based on: Features: - Aimbot. (Real Moviment) - TriggerBot. - RCS. - ESP. - 2D Radar. - Bunny. - AntiFlash ESP reveals who is disarming the bomb. This is easier to identify. Download WeCSGlobal: https://github.com/Intup/WeScripts Soon I will release the premium version: - Rage - Prediction - WeaponIndex - WeaponSlot - AimSilent - Settings for each weapon. - Glow: C4, Grenades and Weapons. - Mod: Legit, Rage and Custom.
  7. In Addons has a Console.WriteLine but even with the console settings, it does not open!
  8. not work ;/ I deleted everything: Folder that is in %Appdata% and the WeScript folder that was in my 'disk C:'.
  9. I gave up WeScript and reinstalled it. I'm going to do it
  10. Yes it is, i've even reinstalled but it doesn't work
  11. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But the WeScript console doesn't open for me. I'm in need of him a lot to speed up my work
  12. Yeah, I hope someone does. I just changed the serial number of my processor + motherboard. I was alive for 24 hours. Then I was banned again.
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