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  1. Wanted to touch base on this assembly provided by Feretorix and GameHacker. Additional Features Including AutoSKillCheck Hook ESP MEDKIT ESP TOOLBOX ESP TOTEM ESP HEX TOTEM ESP -- Weird Bug but if a totem is hexed it will have additional characters before the word "totem" these are the ones you target first PALLET ESP CHEST ESP TRAP ESP I removed Box ESP as it gave weird bugs with driver and fps issues, Killer name is still attached to it as well as survivor. All Has Distance within their respectful destination according to your location. https://github.com/jeremwhitten/WEScript/tree/master/DeadByDaylight Poptart Enjoy -- Poptart Releasing completely free but you must be a VIP member to get access to the driver bypass!
  2. What I can do is point you to GamingOnSteroids RocketLeague Helper. is so much better than my code. you will enjoy it greatly
  3. The API was crutching my ability to code with what it allowed me to do. i was unable to write to memory and all support was stopped. I had no other option
  4. Well simply because there was an update. You must be patient on waiting for the dev to update his code
  5. Rocket league for Epic Games currently has no anti cheat. I'm discontinuing updates for right now as I'm coming out with huge features. Please do not buy at this time!
  6. Excuse me LOL i have 60+ users with this. I said I was noob when I first released before any updates. the car hits the ball at net as designed in the code
  7. There is a tutorial on how to use WeScript on the front page of this website. You download then link you paid to unlock and place it in the loader 🙂 thank you for your support!
  8. it's one line that doesn't affect anything but changing now, thanks for letting me know!
  9. Updated for most recent patch of RocketLeague sorry it took me a bit to throw an update out there but should be all good now. Redownload if needed
  10. Well sir. Umm. Gos will always be better but you could consider this inspired by that.
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