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  1. Market File Last Update: 08/01/2020 Added: - Full Greek Legends Collection - The Rift / Tome IV Skins + Charms Guide Fiddler Setup 1. Install Fiddler Classic [ https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler ] + CertMaker for iOS and Android [ https://www.telerik.com/fiddler/add-ons Scroll down until you find it ] 2. Open Fiddler » Tools » Options » HTTPS | Make a tick in Capture HTTPS Connects & Decrypt HTTPS traffic 3. Change the Protocols to <client>;ssl3;tls1.2 just click on the text Files 4. Download this [ http://www.mediafire.com/file/7d6obj8q852bxxf/TEMP_mpgh.net.zip/file ] 5. Go to your C Drive and Create a Folder with the name Rules and Paste the 2 Files [ Market + import_me_v4.farx ] Rules Import 6.1 go in Fiddler and Click on AutoResponder Make a tick Enable Rules + Unmatched requests passthrough 6.2 Click on import and go into your C Drive Rules Folder and Select import_me_v4.farx SSL Bypass 7. Download the Files SSL Bypasser [http://www.mediafire.com/file/br79jpie86lhgcc/Bypass_mpgh.net.zip/file] 7.1 Extract it to your Desktop 8. Open the Config Installer 9. Make a Tick in SSL Bypass 10. Click Install and wait if it says Done! 11. Open Fiddler and Start DBD 12. Magic ^^ Note:You will need to have fiddler ON All the time to work! Credits: Expiker21 & flynn1 VT: SSL Bypass:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9bb4f183f08abc180e6d0e854e8d376371a39d48241837f0ab5e2c8294bd2c7b/detection VT: Temp Files:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/990c867bb3bec34897e8265dddfbf185c0cc3cac7a44c859a2fb9e6c45663907/detection
  2. DOWNLOAD HERE NEW RELEASE PACIFY:: Features Include but never limited too -- FULL ESP -- Matches -- Dolls -- Girl (Killer) -- Wood -- Keys -- Running Dolls (to be catched and BURNED) -- Distance to each Item Note this is for the "Doll" level Only!!! --> Will add Farm SOON
  3. How To Use: 1. Run notepad++.exe (this will be your disguised Cheat Engine, do not close it!) 2. Drag DevsAreDogShit.sys to Driver_Map.exe (Console will appear on the screen with "Driver Mapped At:..." text) 3. Go to Dead By Daylight and reach screen with the game version displayed. 4. Open HandlerOn.exe file and wait until the console dissapear. 5. Back to our disguised Cheat Engine and select Dead By Daylight in the processes list. Done! Possible reasons why EACBypass doesn't work for you: 1. It May not work on Win 10 1909 because of any enabled spoofer (on builds 2004 and 20H2 it works fine). 2. Your Windows Version is lower than build 1909. 3. Anti-Cheats or antivirus programs (especially Faceit and possibly VALORANT AC). Cheat Engine Version: 7.0 DOWNLOAD:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gM3sS3ouzcgKnfhirAYqkiSFR0G9no6U/view VIRUSTOTAL:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d6ce929456d32a5760d5ccd8f73bee46126505ac1cdc8551a6e28d46a02a782e/detection If the game gets an update it will be detected 100%! So use it while you can! I am not responsable to any account ban! Use it use it at your own risk!
  4. 1.Open DbD Sender 2.Put Your bhvrSession 3.1.1 Select Killer and Add +2 Pips -2 Pips 3.1.2 Select Survivor and Add +2 Pips -2 Pips 3.2.1 Select Shards and Delay '5' 3.2.2 Then Press Level Up Credits:PDVR And PE4EHbKA Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/f1paw94gz4bwkdv/Dead+By+Daylight+Sender.rar/file VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855/detection
  5. Yet Another Release!! https://streamable.com/dntvvq https://streamable.com/w2vtve Features Inlcuded : -> Enemy ESP - Lines or Boxes -> Legendary Item ESP -> AIMBOT
  6. Today I have a program from my community to participate in the test. 😅 Because I have a spoofer, so I haven't tried it. 😋 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ghp7byvrv5EHe-wX-5SIdOlXG87TSGYH Credit : @BLACK BABY If you don't like to experiment, don't test. 😆😆😆
  7. I don't know if things will be useful to friends or not. -//- Option - know Playable Characters Killer. - know Profile steam Killer. How to Use Open the program when in the lobby. That's all - -" Source - Unknown i am sorry my language low level. T_T I just want to share. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/729355438818328592/730405102015217764/rAin_Killer_Revealer_4.0.2.rar sorry the wrong topic that it is not FPS gmae 😭😭😭 First time to share topic.
  8. Hello welcome to this topic. I came to share a bypass that I've been updating for a few months and I hope it works with everyone! Hook credits applied to Drive is @unknown How to use? Before we begin. Close the Steam client! 1. Put the driver in the Steam folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam 2. Restart your computer. 3. Run Loader as Administrator. 4. A Success message will appear! Good Game!! I've tested many hacks on various VAC games! Download: Bypass VirusTotal: VirusTotal
  9. Its just a new method that i found out to spoof ring 0 method but just its a manual thing. I'm releasing it for free since its not a one click thing. I do not own the driver just the method of spoofing is new. THIS SPOOFING METHOD HAS WORKED FOR ME IN APEX NOT SURE ABOUT ANY OTHER GAMES MAYBE YOU CAN TEST IT OUT. I can consider many paid spoofer is now detected seems apex patched out gigabyte driver and what's new on my method ? I am spoofing it through a windows driver kit which I do also not own and AC are dumb for not patching this simple thing out. (Just abuse this method while it's not detected lul) Steps to spoof : 1. Download WindowsD by katlogic based on your windows 64/32. https://github.com/katlogic/WindowsD/releases 2. Download the files i have attached to and extract all into a folder. (Don't ask me why it is in a .bat file, I'm too lazy to compile it into a one click method) 3. Install the driver through cmd. (I have given the command line in the file. Install the driver or it won't work) 3. Here, comes the important steps to spoof your hardware ID. 4. Run wind64.exe > y > n (Don't create a restore point) 5. Run the driver .bat file 6. Check your HWID whether its spoofed ( Note : you can use the HWID Checker before and after step 5 to ensure you have spoofed) 7.[Important] Run the uninstall driver bat file. ( Miss this or RIP get ban again XD) 8. Enjoy!! You're free from HWID ban. Credits for the driver goes to btbd > https://github.com/btbd Download : https://ufile.io/p7pg6wy1 (Password : wescript.app) ________________________________________________________________________________
  10. There's not a lot of change and news. Just settings that I think are good to play. Based on: Features: - Aimbot. (Real Moviment) - TriggerBot. - RCS. - ESP. - 2D Radar. - Bunny. - AntiFlash ESP reveals who is disarming the bomb. This is easier to identify. Download WeCSGlobal: https://github.com/Intup/WeScripts Soon I will release the premium version: - Rage - Prediction - WeaponIndex - WeaponSlot - AimSilent - Settings for each weapon. - Glow: C4, Grenades and Weapons. - Mod: Legit, Rage and Custom.
  11. Features AimAssist Shot correction (Magnet) Technical This cheat is Internal/External type of a cheat built on top of the Interception drivers which Riot failed to block. Your mouse input is intercepted and the movement coordinates are "adjusted" to help you out. If you do not understand the Internal/External term, it means the cheat is external written as internal and therefore you can inject it into any process. Please note I took roughly 3 hours to write the features and the cheat as a whole so it is very rough around the edges. This is proof of concept that others should take as inspiration. I will release the source code later on. Source Very basic pixel bot source with the interception driver setup. Since Vanguard does not use any preventive measurements, you can just modify the source code if you know a little bit of C/C++ and run the cheat as if it was never released here (Add some junk, modify some parts of the code, or just use the Interception base as setup). In order to compile this, you need to update link to Interception.lib file in the project settings (in Linker). The solution is for Visual Studio with Visual C++ installed. If you have any comments about the source, quote me, but lot of it was written quickly so there aren't really interesting concepts in there. https://github.com/valolrant/valolrant Dll Part Instructions 1. Install the Interception driver 2. Download the cheat (two .dll files) 3. Find an original way to inject the "inject me" dll into 32-bit process - !DO NOT INJECT THE DLL INTO VALORANT!. I will not provide a tutorial on this, look up internal/externals. You can use any decent injector or hijack some legitimate dll like shown in the video 4. The interception.dll file needs to be in the appropriate folder according to how you inject, if the console does not show up, you have the interception.dll in the wrong place 5. If you did this correctly, a console will show up with "YES" written in it 6. Input your sensitivity, smoothing, and mode into the console, details are below 7. The console should disappear and you should be good to go 8. In-game, set colorblind mode to Purple 9. To disable the cheat, end the process you injected into Injection Never inject into Valorant or RIOT associated processes. Do not inject if the game is running. Injecting into CSGO like shown in the video is not a smart way of doing it. Ideally, find your own way of injecting the dll somewhere. The safety of the cheat relies heavily on the way you inject the dll, if you do what is shown in the video, it will most likely not get you far as that's gonna be the first thing they will check. This is also why there isn't a tutorial where I say, inject it into this... Use your own injector that you find somewhere and then inject it into 32 bit process of your choice. Console input Input the values in the following order: Sensitivity Smoothing Mode Example: 0.52 0.1 3 Smoothing has reasonable values around 0.01-0.2 based on your CPU and setup. The mode has 3 values (1, 2, 3). 1 is for Shot correction only, 2 is for AimAssist only, 3 is for both. Cheat status If you use a detected injector, you will be banned, of course, don't inject when the game is already running. Check comments as the status might change. Please note that the detection might rely heavily on the way people inject the dll and therefore might have mixed comments. Download https://anonfiles.com/f5M2X8R6o5/valorant_aimassist_zip
  12. Notice There have been what i assume are manual bans ive heard of 6 people over the past 3 days that are unable to connect to the game Latest Menu Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ewsr33 Virustotal Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/35ec1c8c83cf52306a1478c4b057e38b4452dcce6b723308679fba9cf77ea94d/detection Features Flyguys = 0 gravity + high divespeed RandomTele = teleport randomly above players heads works best with flyguys enabled imo Fully automated but the game must be the active window if used Automated most team games, some team cheats are only enabled via enabling AutoPlay like EggScramble warp/RocknRoll/Hoarders Hoops https://gyazo.com/028fd705668759f998404a810ad5453a FallBall https://gyazo.com/1e549acae9e03295ba55b1f05cee38f0 EggScramble RocknRoll Hoarders <-- doesnt work to good yet but i dont feel like fixing it Automaticly Grabs Crown at Fall Mountain Automaticly Clears all tiles in HexaFall Automaticly Finishes in maps with finish lines
  13. I've been working on my modern warfare cheat for the past couple months, and I decided to release it. I'm reading memory through a linux KVM and I wrote a custom overlay for looking-glass. I don't really expect anyone to try to recreate my setup, so this might be useful as a refrence for other developers. The way I made my memory library abstracts away the memory and overlay implentation so if you know rust and have a driver and an overlay, you can implement your driver with the ProcessHandleInterface in memlib-rs/memory/mod.rs and implement OverlayInterface in memlib-rs/overlay/mod.rs. If you do this you should have a fully working cheat. I might do this myself in the future if I get tired of low frames and rebooting every time I want to play cod. If you want to go thorugh the hassle of setting up a KVM on linux the aimbot should work but not the overlay as I haven't publicised my custom looking-glass overlay. I use this cheat pretty regularly, so I'll push the new updates whenever I make them. Source
  14. Hello welcome. You who are starting to make your own hacks and are lazy or do not know how to search for addresses + offsets, this topic is for you. You can find these addresses + Offsets in several places. But I'll make it available here. Every time game update occurs. I will update this topic!! netvars: cs_gamerules_data = 0x0; m_ArmorValue = 0xB378; m_Collision = 0x320; m_CollisionGroup = 0x474; m_Local = 0x2FBC; m_MoveType = 0x25C; m_OriginalOwnerXuidHigh = 0x31C4; m_OriginalOwnerXuidLow = 0x31C0; m_SurvivalGameRuleDecisionTypes = 0x1320; m_SurvivalRules = 0xCF8; m_aimPunchAngle = 0x302C; m_aimPunchAngleVel = 0x3038; m_angEyeAnglesX = 0xB37C; m_angEyeAnglesY = 0xB380; m_bBombPlanted = 0x99D; m_bFreezePeriod = 0x20; m_bGunGameImmunity = 0x3944; m_bHasDefuser = 0xB388; m_bHasHelmet = 0xB36C; m_bInReload = 0x32A5; m_bIsDefusing = 0x3930; m_bIsQueuedMatchmaking = 0x74; m_bIsScoped = 0x3928; m_bIsValveDS = 0x75; m_bSpotted = 0x93D; m_bSpottedByMask = 0x980; m_bStartedArming = 0x33F0; m_bUseCustomAutoExposureMax = 0x9D9; m_bUseCustomAutoExposureMin = 0x9D8; m_bUseCustomBloomScale = 0x9DA; m_clrRender = 0x70; m_dwBoneMatrix = 0x26A8; m_fAccuracyPenalty = 0x3330; m_fFlags = 0x104; m_flC4Blow = 0x2990; m_flCustomAutoExposureMax = 0x9E0; m_flCustomAutoExposureMin = 0x9DC; m_flCustomBloomScale = 0x9E4; m_flDefuseCountDown = 0x29AC; m_flDefuseLength = 0x29A8; m_flFallbackWear = 0x31D0; m_flFlashDuration = 0xA420; m_flFlashMaxAlpha = 0xA41C; m_flLastBoneSetupTime = 0x2924; m_flLowerBodyYawTarget = 0x3A90; m_flNextAttack = 0x2D70; m_flNextPrimaryAttack = 0x3238; m_flSimulationTime = 0x268; m_flTimerLength = 0x2994; m_hActiveWeapon = 0x2EF8; m_hMyWeapons = 0x2DF8; m_hObserverTarget = 0x338C; m_hOwner = 0x29CC; m_hOwnerEntity = 0x14C; m_iAccountID = 0x2FC8; m_iClip1 = 0x3264; m_iCompetitiveRanking = 0x1A84; m_iCompetitiveWins = 0x1B88; m_iCrosshairId = 0xB3E4; m_iEntityQuality = 0x2FAC; m_iFOV = 0x31E4; m_iFOVStart = 0x31E8; m_iGlowIndex = 0xA438; m_iHealth = 0x100; m_iItemDefinitionIndex = 0x2FAA; m_iItemIDHigh = 0x2FC0; m_iMostRecentModelBoneCounter = 0x2690; m_iObserverMode = 0x3378; m_iShotsFired = 0xA390; m_iState = 0x3258; m_iTeamNum = 0xF4; m_lifeState = 0x25F; m_nFallbackPaintKit = 0x31C8; m_nFallbackSeed = 0x31CC; m_nFallbackStatTrak = 0x31D4; m_nForceBone = 0x268C; m_nTickBase = 0x3430; m_rgflCoordinateFrame = 0x444; m_szCustomName = 0x303C; m_szLastPlaceName = 0x35B4; m_thirdPersonViewAngles = 0x31D8; m_vecOrigin = 0x138; m_vecVelocity = 0x114; m_vecViewOffset = 0x108; m_viewPunchAngle = 0x3020; Signatures: anim_overlays = 0x2980; clientstate_choked_commands = 0x4D28; clientstate_delta_ticks = 0x174; clientstate_last_outgoing_command = 0x4D24; clientstate_net_channel = 0x9C; convar_name_hash_table = 0x2F0F8; dwClientState = 0x589DD4; dwClientState_GetLocalPlayer = 0x180; dwClientState_IsHLTV = 0x4D40; dwClientState_Map = 0x28C; dwClientState_MapDirectory = 0x188; dwClientState_MaxPlayer = 0x388; dwClientState_PlayerInfo = 0x52B8; dwClientState_State = 0x108; dwClientState_ViewAngles = 0x4D88; dwEntityList = 0x4D5022C; dwForceAttack = 0x3181790; dwForceAttack2 = 0x318179C; dwForceBackward = 0x31817E4; dwForceForward = 0x31817F0; dwForceJump = 0x51F9E44; dwForceLeft = 0x318176C; dwForceRight = 0x3181760; dwGameDir = 0x6285F8; dwGameRulesProxy = 0x526D144; dwGetAllClasses = 0xD6223C; dwGlobalVars = 0x589AD8; dwGlowObjectManager = 0x5298078; dwInput = 0x51A1808; dwInterfaceLinkList = 0x905904; dwLocalPlayer = 0xD3BC5C; dwMouseEnable = 0xD41800; dwMouseEnablePtr = 0xD417D0; dwPlayerResource = 0x317FB10; dwRadarBase = 0x5184F9C; dwSensitivity = 0xD4169C; dwSensitivityPtr = 0xD41670; dwSetClanTag = 0x89E20; dwViewMatrix = 0x4D41B74; dwWeaponTable = 0x51A22C8; dwWeaponTableIndex = 0x325C; dwYawPtr = 0xD41460; dwZoomSensitivityRatioPtr = 0xD46700; dwbSendPackets = 0xD41DA; dwppDirect3DDevice9 = 0xA7030; find_hud_element = 0x2DF717D0; force_update_spectator_glow = 0x3A0752; interface_engine_cvar = 0x3E9EC; is_c4_owner = 0x3AD1E0; m_bDormant = 0xED; m_flSpawnTime = 0xA370; m_pStudioHdr = 0x294C; m_pitchClassPtr = 0x5185238; m_yawClassPtr = 0xD41460; model_ambient_min = 0x58CE4C; set_abs_angles = 0x1D4590; set_abs_origin = 0x1D43D0; - Update: 09/09/2020 - Update: 09/17/2020 - Update: 10/14/2020
  15. For this method you will need to download [http://www.mediafire.com/file/2qrlm71nluv35fn/DLC_Unlocker_V2_mpgh.net.zip/file] You will need 500 Auric Chells (You won't use them). Also works on DBD Mobile, not sure about Windows 10 Edition. DLC's are unlocked **Permanently** This is direct revenue for Behaviour meaning they will try their best to patch this! There is also a chance they will ban everyone, although i highly doubt they will, but i am not responsible for anything that happens with your account! So Use It At Your Own Risk! Credits To:FluxDot VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/ceec127c051258e1c2ad122ff60cd6fc530be33101915dc744a46257fe65d71a/detectionhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/2qrlm71nluv35fn/DLC_Unlocker_V2_mpgh.net.zip/file
  16. This is how to get your Session ID/Cookie/bhvrSession= Follow The Steps And After That it will show you your Session ID/Cookie/bhvrSession= Credits:flynn1 Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/kpxmvdezrassrrr/SessionGrab.exe/file VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2c2dbedcadcd597eaa7f2529bbf94d1dd807adafa6330c97787c414c18d242f2/detection
  17. Changelog - v3.1 added complete Fullprofile - Minor bugs fixed Instructions 1. Download and unzip attached folder "Save Injector". 2. Install .NET Framework 4.7.2 This runtime is required. 3. Launch SI.exe. 4. Paste your cookie in soft and press enter 5. Select Option 1 to dump your savefile, (Backup Your Progress) 6. After editing your savefile select option 2 to inject your savefile (Or you can just press 2 and inject Full Save File With/Without Legacy. I recommended without legacy because it is bannable) Credits:PE4EHbKA VT:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6552fad3c8596e8d883767a8f70b1abdc7056dde8dd3d82573198d047b2551ea/detection Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/hltyb9yk9y9oz7r/Save_Injector_4.1.2_mpgh.net.rar/file
  18. Sorry if I do too soon. 😋 I want only say thank you. 😇 Because I might be discouraged from sharing the next thing.
  19. I only have guidelines for teaching you Some things you have to learn by yourself I made a video to make you understand more easily. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/729355438818328592/732209451200675880/DbD_Sender_v4.0.2_by_antibiotic_mpgh.net.rar Credit : Antibiotic
  20. This Spoofer Was Used during my Osu! Cheating days. I have used it many times in diffrent games and was pretty useful to me in some games. I do not own this Program or was Associated with it with any way or form, i am just releasing this just to share with other people that might find this useful. I have NOT used this in apex yet as im not HWID banned in any way but someone could use it and report back. But this has been used In Minecraft, Osu!, Dauntless, For Honor, Battlefield Game Franchise, Dead By daylight and Gmod. This is very easy to use as it has buttons that automatically generates a random value for your HWID/UninstallID etc etc There is a scroll bar that you can alter many other values too. The software contains a question mark and can guide you to see if your ip is Dynamic or Static. Regards, HarobMikonam
  21. We all know Cheat Engine right? And it's ability to scan for floats, doubles, 4bytes, and so on. Also we know about the "unknown initial value" and "increased/decreased/changed/unchanged" value scanning methods. What CE doesn't provide is the ability to do unknown scans for matrix-es. With a matrix, we can draw 3d coordinates on a 2d surface (our screen). Preparing the assembly for the game you are going to work on: First after installing, you have to clone the assembly: After cloning it, navigate to: Loader.exe directory >> LocalAssemblies\ViewProjectionMatrixFinder_clone_XXXXXX Open the source code and edit the following: public static string GameWindowName = "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"; public static string GameModuleName = "client_panorama.dll"; Where GameWindowName is the "caption" of the game window to be targeted. And GameModuleName is the module where you suspect the dynamic matrix would be located. (You can always uncomment at line 153 and scan the whole game mem) //matrixesFnd = Memory.FindPossibleMatrix(procHnd, IntPtr.Zero, (IntPtr)0x7FFFFFFF, vecToSearchFor, out returnedAddresses, Components.SettingsComponent.W2SType.Value); The same goes for pre-defined position at line 143: //vecToSearchFor = new Vector3(-2940.042725f, -219.2802734f, 53.91707611f); What you need to do when trying to find a matrix for the worldtoscreen function in WeScript: 1) Either take your own localplayer position in the game (and step aside from that position), or take a 0,0,0 as a start. 2) Make sure you are looking towards that same position you suspect your target location should be "existing". 3) Start an initial scan with the "DELETE" key on your keyboard. 4) Move your mouse/camera and clean from static, unchanging matrix-es with the "HOME" key, repeat this step a few times. 5) Stop moving your camera and start cleaning from constantly changing matrix-es while your camera is stationary with "END" key. 6) Repeat step 4 and 5 a few times more until the screen cleans up from addresses and try to locate your desired address. 7) There is a box, where if multiple results/addresses are stacked you can list them on the left and take a screenshot, debug those, find a pointer with CE and so on... In Example 1 of the video we have: 1.WOW, where we're using pre-defined position to find W2S 2.CS1.6, where we're using 0,0,0 position and getting a single result 3.CSGO, where we're using 0,0,0 position and getting multiple results Follow this link to view the videos: https://gofile.io/d/jD8TaV Install the assembly and experiment on your games from this link: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies The assembly is called "ViewProjectionMatrixFinder"
  22. I found a Github page which has the CS:GO offsets and they are constantly being updated go check it out https://github.com/frk1/hazedumper
  23. Hello.. I was testing @Feretorix's ViewProjectionMatrixFinder It's really awesome and easy to use at all! I got it so easily, then I was thinking of training on how to get the offsets right etc.. I made some small simple stuff more can be done. It Includes: BoxESP HealthESP ArmorESP DistanceESP NameESP Aimkey Two types of aimbot (engine angles and mouse event) Aimspot (head/body) Choose to aim at everyone or only enemy team AimSpeed adjust (for smoothness and slowness - more legit aim?) Drawing Aim Spot Drawing current target of the aimbot Drawing FOV circle Changing the color of the FOV circle FOV slider from 4 to 1000 pixels on screen. It's possible also to add some other stuff like: GodMode (Can't Die) Inf. Ammmo. Teleport Hack. Rapid Fire. Kill Through wall. Video: (Sorry for the quality) Download and install our WeScript.app Loader (if you don't have it already): https://wescript.app/forum/4-wescriptloaderexe-download/ Use this URL to install the assembly: https://github.com/GameHackerPM/WeScriptsAddons Credits @Feretorix : Core -> WeAssembly - Project Template - Matrix Finder.
  24. This is a super simple assembly for the game called AssaultCube which you can download from their original website page: https://assault.cubers.net/download.html Direct download link for the game: https://github.com/assaultcube/AC/releases/download/v1.2.0.2/AssaultCube_v1.2.0.2.exe It includes: BoxESP HealthESP ArmorESP DistanceESP NameESP Screenshot example: On 13 May 2020 a new update is released including: -Aimkey -Two types of aimbot (engine angles and mouse event) -Aimspot (head/body) -Choose to aim at everyone or only enemy team -AimSpeed adjust (for smoothness and slowness - more legit aim?) -Drawing Aim Spot -Drawing current target of the aimbot -Drawing FOV circle -Changing the color of the FOV circle -FOV slider from 4 to 1000 pixels on screen. Aimbot example in action: Download and install our WeScript.app Loader (if you don't have it already): https://wescript.app/forum/4-wescriptloaderexe-download/ Use this URL to install the assembly: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies
  25. This Assembly shows all the options in the SDK > Menu and the Drawing options of the Renderer API in Core. Menu consists of: MenuBool MenuColor MenuSlider MenuSliderBool MenuList MenuSeperator MenuKeyBind Renderer consists of: DrawText, DrawFilledRect, DrawLine(s), DrawCircle, DrawSprite, DrawFPSBox, URL to view the code: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies/tree/master/ApiExample
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