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Monetize your work - earn real money as Developer!

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Introducing WSA Points which users can buy from the shop (which later will be spent on your work): 



When they have WSA Points, they can spend them in your topics (so you will earn 66.6% of the points they spent - directly deposited in your account). For this to happen you must:
-Create a topic and use this button (it's like a forum tag):


After clicking it, you will see the following dialog:


In this dialog, you will choose the amount of points it will cost for the user to unlock the content hidden behind the tags and for how long.

After pressing [OK] the two tags will be generated like this:


All the information between the two closing tags will be the hidden content, like this: 


You can either hide a tutorial in your assembly thread how to use it, or some small trick, or even a dump of accounts and passwords for a certain service, use your imagination what users will pay for to see, just don't forget to explain them what they will unlock outside the tags to raise their interest.

After the thread is submitted it will look like this for somebody which has already paid and unlocked it:


And this is how it will look like to somebody which still hasn't paid to see the hidden content:



The moment the user unlocks the content and pays the price - the points are instantly transferred to your forum account.

Once you reach points which are worth 50€ or more, you can request a withdrawal for real money to your PayPal or CryptoCurrency by sending @Feretorix a private message at the end of each month.

As developer you can go further by using the following API in order to check if the user has paid to you:

bool hasVIP = WeScript.SDK.Utils.VIP.IsTopicContentUnlocked("/80-just-a-troll-topic-v2/"); //checking if user paid for any of the messages inside https://wescript.app/topic/80-just-a-troll-topic-v2/

The boolean called "hasVIP" has a "true" value if the user has paid and "false" if they did not.

In the future more advanced and secure API could be released upon request and demand - due to obvious reasons.

This includes packed/protected assemblies.

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Gaben strategies too OP.

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