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Fortnite - Product information.


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- Supported Systems -
• Working on Windows 10 [22H1+] & Windows 11
• Supports CPU: Intel & AMD
• Supports GPU: Nvidia & Radeon
• Supports VM: Shadow.tech
• A UEFI system is REQUIRED.
• Use Directx11 if ESP feature is bugging. How to do? (HERE)


- FAQ -
• Undetected since release!
• No need to disable Secure Boot or Antivirus, no need to change BIOS settings.

Menu key opens with INSERT key.



Enabled On/Off
Aimkey1 Options: ['Mouse1', 'Mouse4', 'Mouse5', 'Left ALT', 'Mouse2', 'Caps Lock', 'Left CTRL', 'Mouse3', 'v', 'Left Shift']
Aimkey2 Options: ['Mouse1', 'Mouse4', 'Mouse5', 'Left ALT', 'Mouse2', 'Caps Lock', 'Left CTRL', 'Mouse3', 'v', 'Left Shift']
HitBox Options: ['Head', 'Neck', 'Chest']
Field Of View 10px - 750px
Smoothing 1 - 30
Deadzone 0px - 10px
Prediction Toggle: On/Off,
Visualize: On/Off
Ignore Non-Visible On/Off
Ignore Dying On/Off
Enabled On/Off
Bounding Box On/Off
Box Thickness 1 - 5
Player Name On/Off
Platform On/Off
Weapon Toggle: On/Off,
Ammunition: On/Off,
Colour: ['Custom Colour', 'Colour By Rarity']
Snaplines On/Off
Line To Target On/Off
Draw FOV Circle On/Off
Custom Colours Box - Visible: Colour Picker,
Box - invisible: Colour Picker,
Name - Visible: Colour Picker,
Name - invisible: Colour Picker,
Weapon - Visible: Colour Picker,
Weapon - invisible: Colour Picker,
Snaplines: Colour Picker,
FOV Circle: Colour Picker,
Distance - Visible: Colour Picker,
Distance - invisible: Colour Picker
Safe Mode On/Off * Privite Only
Streamproof On/Off
Config Preset ['Legit', 'Tournament']
Buttons ['Save Config', 'Load Config']
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