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What is WeScript.APP and what is it used for?

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WeScript.APP is a free software created by @Feretorix. It's a process memory reader with a transparent on screen D3D overlay which compiles C# source codes directly from GitHub as "addons/assemblies" filtered trough a safety sandbox mode for the Windows operating system. While WeScript.APP is mostly used for cheating in computer games, assemblies for it could work for completely legit purposes.


WeScript.APP can't be effectively used without adding at least one assembly - specifically created for it from a GitHub link (or locally), example: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies
Once the program starts it spawns an external DirectX overlay. After that it downloads a fresh C# source code from GitHub for all the currently added assemblies to it. Once they are downloaded - each one of them will be compiled and placed in a directory at %appdata%\WSXXXXXXXX\Compiled. After compiling is completed, each one of the assemblies which are enabled in the Loader will be loaded by the Sandbox which makes sure they are safe to use and no malicious code is added or injected in any of the GitHub repositories, If the assembly is safe to use it will be successfully loaded, else the Sandbox will spit an error and refuse to load the unsafe code. Once loading completes, you can safely leave WeScript.APP open (or minimized). A watermark 4fab2ba92b.png at the top middle of your screen will appear which means you can safely go and play your favorite game. You can stop at any time the Loader to deactivate all of the assemblies at once. Each time you want to activate or deactivate assemblies from the Loader, you must press [F5] (by default) in order to re-load them from the Sandbox.


Developer Features
The APP in general offers easy to use API which saves a lot of time for developers creating the so called "External Cheats" for different games. Even the Core of the program provides specific API which allows developers to access (read) memory of any game using a variety of drivers with a single line of code. The program also has the ability to safely write bytes to non executable memory regions which helps preserving a safe environment for the user (consumer) and not escaping the SANDBOX safety mode. The API also allows drawing on the desktop (safely - outside of any game) different graphical shapes, sprites or text depending on the need of the assembly. The API extends further by allowing sending key strokes/key press and mouse movement. The rest of the code features are; but not limited to module address and size grabbing, pattern (signature) scanning, variety of WorldToScreen functions and many more.


Paid Subscription Plans
While there are tons of games which do not have hardcore anti-cheat to protect them (or are easy to bypass), a lot more have driver anti-cheats which block memory access to them. Having a subscription plan for WSA not only upgrades your forum account but also grants you access to a lot of assemblies which utilize special "WSA API" which bypasses driver anti-cheats (available only for Developers/Contributors/Donators/Subscribers/Moderators/Administrators). Also with this you unlock access to private forums which include specific bypasses or even HWID spoofers (but not limited to).


Monetization Options for Developers (Creators)
Developers and Contributors which create assemblies/addons for WSA are allowed to monetize their work by utilizing WSA Points, which users spend on their work. Earning them real money at the end of each month. The benefit is a bigger community and higher chance for exposure to your work, which usually means better profits and higher interest. If you are interested, you can read more about it here. Everyone with little to no knowledge can try and code their own assemblies, they will receive help from the community to get on the right track - how to properly use the API and create their own assemblies/addons for the games they love. Becoming a real Developer in no time and earning some good cash.

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