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Direct EFI Aimbot and Glow hack

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The cheat is loaded with my modified version of EFI mapper
Basically I'm not loading more drivers when I reach to the system and I do the communication directly with the EFI driver


General Notes:
When the cheat get finally detected I will probably share the source, Driver source finally released (not exactly the last version): EFI Driver Access
Aimbot button is MOUSE2 (Right Click) and you must hold the Right click!
You can use the injector that you want but must be as manual map and leave the section as rwx
UEFI MODE Windows Required
1* Some of you will need go to the BIOS and Other have the possibility of Boot Menu, Some of you have to enable keyboard bios mode if your keyboard don't work in bios and disable Secure Boot
2* if it's a console is better because you can see the number of spectators (but at same time could be a suspicious vector) while you have more than 0, example processes: ping.exe, taskmgr.exe, notepad.exe or non windows one's like anydesk.exe
3* NEVER OPEN THIS FILES WHILE THE GAME IS RUNNING AND NEVER TRY TO INJECT INTO THE GAME(sorry for the capital case but some people are amazing and don't read and more later comes here to tell me that they were banned)
4* With v1.1+ you should listen a melodic of beeps if works and an alone long beep if it fails

How To Use:


Video tutorials:
Load memory efi: https://streamable.com/sdp5pg
-If no blue screen try: https://streamable.com/56ibdm (Tip: Some other people report that the disk partitions need to be configured as GPT)
Launch CRZAimbot: https://streamable.com/b9ud7u


  1. Copy USB folder contents to an USB Drive, restart your computer and start with your USB(1*)
  2. Press enter in the console until you see the shell and search for your USB drive device, normally around FS0-FS3
  3. Go inside the drive with this name and check that you have there the memory.efi (ls command...)
  4. Put load memory.efi
  5. Put exit and now in you Boot Menu/Bios remove your usb drive and run windows normally (In any case you can follow the steps here efi-mapper)
  6. When your are back in your desktop go to Ring3 folder
  7. Open any x64 process(2*) that you want as admin
  8. In the ring3 folder drag and drop CRZAimbot.dll to INJ.exe and type the process name that you have opened in lowercase(<=1.1.1) (3*)
  9. The console should close and your cheat is ready to work, if your opened process crash try with another(4*) (with version >= 1.2 now you should see a console window to configure the cheat or a text to configure it if your already was using console based process)
  10. Open the game and when the people jump from the airplane you should see the glow hack
  11. Have Fun!

try this steps if you don't understand previous ones: Tuto 2
If you continue without understand anything try this tutorial from another user: Tuto 3

Common Questions:

You see the successful message but no blue screen?, or You see the blue screen but only listen one long beep?
Try to launch your windows directly from the console after load memory.efi (https://streamable.com/56ibdm), Steps:

  1. With bcfg boot dump you can list the installed bootable systems
  2. Find your windows boot installation path
  3. Find the device where is located (fs0..fs1..fs2...)
  4. And run the path as command for example (in my case Windows 2004 x64 UEFI😞 fs1:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi
  5. Or check the video https://streamable.com/56ibdm

Your bios got stuck after load memory.efi?
try with different usb key, make sure that is formatted as fat32 and better with small partition




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Thanks for the report, the money requirement will be removed. This should not be tolerated.


Gaben strategies too OP.

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