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Global Rules

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  • Nobody is allowed to sell WeScript.app Loader!
  • Selling, buying or trading should be posted only in Marketplace
  • No begging/requesting in the forums. Don't request stuff from other people (Money, Items, Accounts) etc.


  • Do not flame any members posts just because you do not like them personally.
  • Don't share others personal information.
  • Keep forum topics on topic. No random posts/replies to boost your post count.
  • All content on the forums must be written in English or tagged as foreign post. Do not concerns International Chat sub-forum
  • Advertising or promoting other websites, discord servers or services similar to our own of any kind is forbidden.
  • No posts regarding "When Will 'WSA' Be Updated?" of any kind (This applies to the shoutbox or PMs to staff members as well).
  • All uploaded files to your post must be approved by a staff member before hand. Please PM a Moderator/Admin.
  • Only staff members or developers can ask for donations.
  • Racism and discrimination of ANY kind is strictly forbidden.
  • No screamers of any sort are allowed to be posted.


  • Don't bump topics that haven't been replied over 14 days.
  • If you want to talk about something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum, please take it to the Off-Topic Forum. The Off-Topic Forum was set up and designed for members to discuss issues not related to a specific game.
  • Do not write post under post (double-posting). Use edit option for that.

Avatar / Signature

  • If we find that an image you post in your signature is offending to anyone it will be immediately removed and your account will be disabled. Be sure to keep your signature picture at a reasonable size.
  • Keep It Short & Simple
  • Donators+ get signiture perks.


  • Do not flame members for "the lulz"
  • Any disrespectful behavior toward members (especially Staff) will result in a punishment.
  • Do not harass or attack other communities or their members.
  • Never forget, we're a family here.


  • The Global Rules apply to the Shoutbox

The following rules only apply for the Shoutbox:

  • You're only allowed to talk in English in the Shoutbox.
  • Asking for help with loader/errors in shoutbox is not allowed.

Account Sharing

  • You are not allowed under any circumstance to share your account with anyone.
  • Staff members will never ask you for your password!

Disciplinary Measures

  • Breaking the forum rules will inherently lead to a punishment by either warning points or a ban depending on severity of the infringement.
  • Moderators can hand out warning points or bans using their discretion, and an infringement of the forum rules is not mandatory.
  • Every warning point or ban can be appealed by messaging Moderators or higher staff members. Appeals will only be reviewed if the message explains the case and gives indication on why the punishment was unjust.
  • Severe infractions will be immediately punished with a permanent ban.

Thank you!

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Gaben strategies too OP.

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