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Creating your first Hello World assembly just as Developer!

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First and obvious step is to have WeScript.app Loader installed.

Then you need to download Visual Studio Community from here.

After beginning the installation, choose ".NET desktop developement"



After it finishes installing, either login with your existing Microsoft account, create one, or choose "Not now, maybe later".


After that, choose your favorite color theme to continue.


Go back to WeScript.app Loader (you must have already installed at least one assembly in order to access the menu) and press right click > Developer > New


Type in the name of the new project you plan on working with and press OK



After creating it, it will be added to the list with assemblies, again right click on it, Developer > Edit (so you will edit it with Visual Studio Community)



After that, you can write your code (as all dependencies are already added to the project) - in this case it's "Hello World".


When you're ready, rebuild and compile so the program will check for errors in your code. (if you have any, it will prompt you to fix them and won't compile).


You can also save your project files if you want. (but by default Visual Community will save them on rebuild)



You should be able to read in the logs a successful build



Going back to WeScript.app Loader and make sure you have checked on your local test assembly you just worked on. Then press F8 (by default) to recompile and add to the Loader recent assemblies.

In the console of WeScript, you will be able to monitor which assemblies get loaded and what they're printing on the console (if there's code that prints messages).



And as you can see, the code which you wrote earlier in the project is now printed right after loading your "testproject" assembly! Congratulations!

The location of the source code for your assembly can be found at the folder where your WeScript.app Loader location is > LocalAssemblies > yourprojectnamehere


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Gaben strategies too OP.

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