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How to download, install and use WeScript.app Loader (WSA)

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First, you need to download the installation file (setup) from this link.

Reveal spoiler for dependencies link in case you experience issues:

A video tutorial here:

After downloading, this is how the file will look like:


Double click on the icon to start it up. 

After choosing the desired language you should see this:



Simply choose the destination directory (it doesn't have to be "Program Files") and hit Next.


After that click Install, understanding that it will install dependencies (if they are missing on the system) which include:

.NET Framework 4.6.1 (last compatible with Windows 7 SP1)
Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable x64
MS Build Tools (so WeScript.Loader can compile assemblies)
DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) for extra libs of (DX9)



The setup will download the required dependencies and start installing them on your system.




After the installation is completed. It will start for you WeScript.Loader.exe in your installation folder (no shortcuts created on your Desktop)



After you read the license agreement, you can click "I Accept" to continue using the software.


Click on "Assemblies" as the default welcome-screen is the "News" tab, where you can get the latest information about the program.


Click on "Install new assembly" to continue with installing your first assembly script in the Loader.


A small window pops-up. Choose "GitHub" as we're going to install an external assembly from the internet.


Paste the link of your desired assembly of your favorite developer in the field and click "NEXT".


Make sure you do not press [Cancel] while it's downloading the assembly information.


After the information is downloaded, tick the desired assembly (could be multiple assemblies at once) and click [ADD]


Press [OK] on the information dialog box about success of installing the assembly (it means it also compiled without any errors).


On the debug console, you can see exactly what's going on (it's more useful for assembly developers).
On top you can also see the watermark of WSA - which means there is no problem to render on your system and it's working fine. The number in the brackets is the framerate of the overlay.


To enable it, simply check the assembly in the list you just installed.


Then press [F5] on your keyboard (by default) which is the hotkey to reload the assemblies. You can also reload by completely restarting the WSA Loader.
As you can see, after pressing the hotkey, it says that 1 Addon is loaded, plus the path to the assembly.

Congratulations on installing your first assembly in the WeScript.app Loader!

Now go in game and if you stop seeing the watermark WeScript.app [FPS] at the top of your screen, it means you must make your game in windowed/borderless mode in the settings of that game.


Gaben strategies too OP.

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