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LOL EXT Menu Showcase


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Ability to change menu font: (affects only menu)


You need to manually specify hotkeys, if they're different from default. Else scripts can't run properly and cast items or spells.


And lastly Performance tab controls how the core process handles objects refreshing:



  • Draw.Circle quality - higher value makes core circles look smoother but drains performance (lowers FPS), 64 is the default value providing balance.
  • Renderer Sleep Delay - literally adds a sleep in the main rendering thread, higher sleep uses less CPU resource, but lowers FPS.
  • Champion Recache Timeout
  • Camp Recache Timeout
  • Turret Recache Timeout
  • Missile Recache Timeout
  • Particle Recache Timeout
  • Minion Recache Timeout
  • Ward Recache Timeout
  • Object Recache Timeout
  • Restore Default Values
  • Recache Timeout explained:Higher value means that the struct of any object type (ex. Turrets) will be refreshed slower providing higher performance, but the drawback is literally the same, when a struct is refreshed slower it means that you will not get as fast skillshot projectiles in your loop, and you won't remove as fast dead turrets.
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