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This list created by one of users(messi30) I hope it helps you to get some ideas and find some cool scripts that will help you climbing.


Toplane(E)  clearly the worst lane to climb using script


S. GangPlank(Killeraio), Gnar(devx), Sejuani(simple, no r)   Trynda (seriesv2)    

A. Morde(devx),Riven(WR), Ornn(simple no r),Yone(MOMZ)

B. Kayle(pussy), Yorick(simple),Akali(pussy), Teemo(nisses)

Jungle(A) I think one of the best lane to climb since smite manager work like charm and recent Dragon buff (12.14), i didnt try simple Udyr and Shyv but give it a try


S. Lee(devx, pls fix insect xd), Kindred(14aio), Udyr(simple)        

A. Kayn(pussy), Jarvan(simple), Trundle(simple), Belveth(simple), Karthus(KILLER)

B. Poppy(simple),  Amumu(nisses or sussy)

Midlane B. many mid champ do not ve(working) script sadly, zoe, azir, liss...


S. Arhi(pussy, disable r in combo), Cassio(pussy, disable r in combo), Yone(momz, R ****ed up sometime xd, use manual if possible),   Seraphine(pussy)          

A. Swain(devx), Syndra(devx), Viktor(impuls,can crash), Xerath(dnsMage,disable r in combo, use semi r with "T"), Corki(WR), Galio(simple, no r ?)

B. Yasuo(14yas), TF(WR or Series (tf is anoying af but can carry with/againt some comp)) , Akali(pussy), Leblanc(pussy, crash possible), Orianna(GG)


Adc(S) marksman always been very good with script


S. Kalista(pussy), Varus(GG), Nilah(simple, vs aa), Kaisa(pussy, disable r in combo), Seraphine(pussy)        

A. Samira(pussy), Ezreal(GG,disable r in combo, only KS), Jinx(pussy, disable r and e in combo, r only ks and e only on immobilized target), Karthus(KILLER), Twitch(GG), Syndra(devx)

B. Jhin(GG, semi R with T), Kogmaw(GG),Vayne(GG), Sivir(14aio)


Support(S+) imo the best roles to climb, but u need to know how to play supp (roam mid/top, help adc to farm under turret,  deep ward etc.. )


S. Amumu(nisses or sussy), with kalista), Ashe(pussy), Blitzcrank(GG) 

A. Lulu(pussy), Nautilus(sussy), Rakan(simple), Seraphine(pussy), Soraka(pussy)

B. Brand(pussy or dns), Xerath(dnsmage), Renata(sussy), Morgana(GG), Thresh(pussy, disable q2)





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