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Found 9 results

  1. Wanted to touch base on this assembly provided by Feretorix and GameHacker. Additional Features Including AutoSKillCheck Hook ESP MEDKIT ESP TOOLBOX ESP TOTEM ESP HEX TOTEM ESP -- Weird Bug but if a totem is hexed it will have additional characters before the word "totem" these are the ones you target first PALLET ESP CHEST ESP TRAP ESP I removed Box ESP as it gave weird bugs with driver and fps issues, Killer name is still attached to it as well as survivor. All Has Distance within their respectful destination according to your location. https://github.com/PoptartWeScript/WeScript Enjoy -- Poptart Releasing completely free but you must be a VIP member to get access to the driver bypass!
  2. Good morning, everyone. Before Riot vein arrest me and eliminate me from the map, I came to play an information about the ban on valorant hwid. No use changing the HWID of your computer or GUID of your HD or SSD or putting another HD or changing MAC can do anything but you forgot to change the BIOS serial. Anyway, how to unban your HWID: - Change the BIOS Serial/ID - Change the Machine's Serial/ID - Change the Serial/ID of your Drivers - Change the MAC Addresses. - Change the Hd Serial/ID or SSD. I changed all this and it worked for a week now that I'm without ban.
  3. Yet Another Release!! https://streamable.com/dntvvq https://streamable.com/w2vtve Features Inlcuded : -> Enemy ESP - Lines or Boxes -> Legendary Item ESP -> AIMBOT
  4. Welcome to the Emperor's lobby I will answer your questions about the lobby, and I will bring you the cheapest and best quality service I will launch more services, please stay tuned Cold War Zombie Lobby Lobby function Video proof https://youtu.be/bjzd8MS-pHs
  5. All the updates about the crashes are going to be here. Please when you post a reply, give as much info as possible including pc specs, bsod error, operating system, crash frequency and more...
  6. Welcome to this topic. I'm going to leak some information about Vanguard's HWID ban. Good as everyone who has tested the method of changing the BIOS serial, it no longer works! Take a look here: Vanguard now does serial reading of your video card and I recommend you disable smart from your HDD/SSD. Things Vanguard read to banish me: --- Card name: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics. --- Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_0000&DEV_9874&S0S_80000000043&REV_E2 --- Device Status: 0120210A. --- Sound Devices --- Description: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) --- Hardware ID: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0887&SUBSYS_104386C7&REV_1003 --- Cap Flags: 0xF1F Others that detect: ROM Drives: --- Model: WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 --- UUID: XXXX-XXX-XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX System Devices: --- Device ID: PCI\VE_1022&DEV_43&SUBSYS_00011&REV_02\4&10EE0&000 I won't show my drive IDs but look at the names of the drives that are detected If your video card is not from AMD. Clearly will change!! EVR Power Information: --- Current Setting: {SERIAL ID} (Quality). Good basic summary of this topic: It's no use just changing the BIOS serial. You need to do a lot of things. It's up to you now. bye bye!!
  7. -The assembly must use the WSA menu SDK API: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies/blob/master/ApiExample/Program.cs#L175 -It's a great advantage if your assembly has visual features (meaning it uses a WorldToScreen function) -The minimum reward for a completed assembly is 50€ which goes to your PayPal (you must send it in a PM to @Feretorix for privacy reasons). -You can earn extra depending on the quality of the assembly and if you advertised it somewhere else (with proof). *Bonuses which you get after completing one bounty: -After you receive your first payment you get the "Contributor" rank which unlocks access to driver API -You can then code an assembly for a driver protected game/platform and easily charge money forum members for using your product. Let me know if you have any other questions. With best regards, Feretorix.
  8. Looks like we have a new game, this looks like APEX and Cyberpunk tbh. What do you guys think?
  9. CSGO just updated and I came across this that they mentioned : Just to share this news to you guys 🙂 Today we’re shipping an optional beta branch of CS:GO with changes that are part of our continuing fight against cheating. To help out, you can opt in to the beta by following the instructions here. CS:GO now significantly restricts the types of programs and files that can interact with the game. In the unlikely event that you launch the game with incompatible files, you will receive a warning indicating the incompatible file and may be blocked from joining VAC-enabled servers. To resolve the issue, you can disable the ‘Trusted Launch’ in your game settings, however this may temporarily impact your trust score. For developers of third-party programs that interact directly with the CS:GO executable process, we have added requirements that will impact your software. Moving forward, all DLLs that interact with CS:GO will need to be digitally signed with an Authenticode signature. Additionally, we will block signed DLLs if their functionality interferes with the game in any way. Source : https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2020/06/30683/
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