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How to become a developer and earn money.


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What is required from a developer:

Strong knowledge of C, C++ and x86 (x64) assembly - ability to reverse encrypted parts of game code.
Experience in developing custom anti-cheating strategies that are safe for our customers to use.
Experience in game engine structures such as ‘Unity’, ‘Enfusion’, ‘Source’, ‘Unreal Engine 4’.
Experience in reverse engineering new games in a swift fashion to release new game cheats to the market.
Dynamic and static reverse-engineering skills.
Experienced with WinDBG, GDB, LLDB or IDA or any other tool for reversing.
Being positive to produce detailed reports and having a good work-life structure to be deadline-oriented, strong problem-solving abilities and organization are absolutely essential.



What we offer:

Higher than average Market Pay.
Unlimited Paid Time Off.
Flexible, Work From Home.
Unique projects and opportunities to jump ahead of the industry.
Chance to host products on a constantly growing community which has a stable user base.


How to apply for developer position:

Send a private message to Feretorix and provide details about your offer.

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