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How to become a reseller and earn money.


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Before we start, !BEWARE OF SCAMMERS! it has come to our attention scammers are trying to copy the names of our staff, including mine. Their goal is to trick you in paying them money for "brandless loader" or a "fee to become a reseller". There is no such thing as any fee, you just need to meet some criteria. In order to avoid scammers, make sure you are sending me a private message HERE in this website and NOT in any other place, including Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other form of communication. Here is an example attempt to scam in Telegram using my name: https://imgur.com/KjoaHfL



  1. Must have own community. That can be a discord server, telegram group or your own website where people trust your products.
  2. Must accept different payment methods, the more payment methods - the better.
  3. Must know how the cheats here are operating in WSA and the loader itself.
  4. Must be able to help their customers with troubleshooting and be able to satisfy them so they keep renewing the products.
  5. Vision on how you can grow your reselling in the future for better profits.

How reselling works:



  • Once purchased, you will be able to check what you bought in "Your keys" tab. Remember that keys do not expire unless activated. I will teach you how to activate them.
  • When you finally get in touch with your customer and he is ready to consume his key after purchasing it from you, you navigate to the "Activate keys" tab.


  • You place the key inside of it and click "Redeem key", once the button is pressed, the key expiry timer starts running.
  • Then Head over to Manage Purchases and Click on the key You just activated.



And here's the key to provide to your customer.



  • That same key is ready to be used in the WSALoader.
  • The customer opens  WSALoader and enters their key in the field for keys and clicks "Activate Key" as follows:


  • Note that some products in the store (and the key associated with them) are locked to HWID which means one key works only for one PC.


How to apply for reseller position:

Send a private message to Feretorix and provide details about your plan.


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