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Found 7 results

  1. Hello if you are here, it means you have been banned from Valorant and would like to return to play. I'm going to make it clear before some people start cursing at me. There are two methods, some of them should work. Software that we will use: First method: The first method is based/works on this topic and official author: Bios Spoofing -> Aptio V AMI Firmware Update Utility. -> FD44 Tool. -> UEFI Tool. -> Afudos.exe -> Rufus. -> HxD. Softwares: Donwload VirusTotal: Here The first method will depend on your motherboard. I tested only on ASUS boards and it worked on all. But don't worry the other method might work. Step one: I used Aptio V to dump your BIOS - Open as admin. - Click on "Save". - Choose the location where you will save a file as the name "afuwin.rom". - Wait. Step Two: Checking the BIOS Serial. I left two programs, will depend on your BIOS or your ability to information about UEFI. Using FD44 is simpler to use. -> Open the F4DD. -> Click "Open from BIOS Image file" -> Select the dumped file "afuwin.rom" Notice who has already changed my serial - "00000000000"(Motherboard S/N). It'll probably be other numbers for you. Save your serial, you will need for next step. Step three: Changing the value of your serial. Let's use HxD... You can use IDA as well. However, if you are new I recommend the HxD. -> Open the file "afuwin.rom". -> Press Ctrl+F to fetch your Serial in "Text-string" -> Make change by HxD -> Save. Save as new file. Put with the name "bios". Step four: It's the most boring. Let's use RUFUS and AFUDOS. You will need a USB or DVD/CD or any portable HD --[[ Author: You will need some programs called Rufus and AFUDOS. Make a bootable usb with rufus that boots to FreeDOS. Boot from it and use the AFUDOS program on the same USB drive to flash your bios with the new .rom file The .rom file should be named "bios.rom" when it's on the USB drive. There must also be a file called AUTOEXEC.bat with the following code: @echo off cls afudos.exe bios.rom /GAN this .bat file code will make it so that when you boot to the USB drive, it will start the flashing process. So once again, the USB drive will need to have the following files: AFUDOS.exe / bios.rom / AUTOEXEC.bat --]] Okay that was the first method 😃 Software that we will use: Second method: - This method can cause changes to your computer. I am not responsible for any defects/damages caused. Do it at your own risk. Softwares: Donwload Virustotal: Here There will be other programs within the .zip folder. But you'll just use the file "VirtualHardwares - 过机器码软件.exe" Make the changes and click on the bigger button at the end of the software and restart your machine. Maybe it works or maybe it doesn't. But there is the third method but it is paid ... But I can bring it here on the topic soon. Thanks BYE!!! 😄
  2. Installation 1.Download the WeScript.app Loader from here: https://wescript.app/forum/4-wescriptloaderexe-download/ 2.Download Hotfix Tool from here (you can scan it first if you want): https://anonfiles.com/b8G213j8p9/HotfixTool_rar 3.Login your LoL account. then open AutoHotfix tool that will automatically download newest version of hotfix. Just run as administrator, select LeagueClient.exe localization and click Apply Hotfix. 4.Enjoy your updated WeScript to the current league patch. PS. You have to do the hotfix everytime you re-openning the game. PS2. If the admin sees the thread please contact me on discord since i want to contribute with more scripts for the current game. Discord: VoiD#0088
  3. Hi everyone! So I have some small tips to stay unbanned for longer. I'm currently on the 5th - 6th day and I'm not banned. I'm playing around 3-4 hours per day. At first for the tips to work you have to unlock the hidden content from Feretorix here. If you haven't yet, then you cannot complain about you're getting banned within hours and don't read any further. Tips: I'm working on something that semi-automates the most important tip above as well as the opening of apex. Stay tuned! Play safe and have fun! 😉😉
  4. This video shows, valve is a garbage company and does not give a shit about the game that a lot of people still play... And the russian guy show how to active the "legit wallhack" by editing some CS:GO files. Another side is, you won't get banned for this, you may get into Overwatch if you play obvious. Valve anticheat and their system are a pure joke.
  5. You must have Session ID for using. You can find it by using Fiddler 😉 and 500 Aunic Cells 😅 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/729355438818328592/731146162647859230/Flux_DLC_Unlock.rar Credit : FluxDot
  6. https://anonfiles.com/31B5V6E7of/harobmikonam_luas_zip These are some of the configs ive stored which some of i use till this day i hope you find this useful. Also this guide from old.reddit is actually very useful for making your own configs check it out https://old.reddit.com/r/Csgohacks/comments/cvmelh/guide_to_configs_and_saving_money/
  7. I came across this software that you can use to get java for free sadly you cannot play on multiplayer Tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFcfu0GIPYY&feature=emb_title Website - https://mcleaks.net it works and i have used it
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