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How To Stream W Discord and others ( Requires OBS )


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Thanks to @Heisa for this Guide. 

1. Start the game and open the Loader. Wait for the injection process to succeed

2. Start OBS and do the following:


- Create a new scene

- add a new source -> Game Capture. The window in the picture below will appear
- make sure to select the RocketLeague window in the window options and have the same settings as in the picture
- and click OK



3. Make sure the drawings are not visible first in OBS. Then right click inside the window where you can see your stream in OBS and click on Windowed Projector (Preview).


4. A new window will open up which you can use to stream it with Discord like so:


5. Then in Discord, just simply select that new window to be streamed. 


It's not really a good solution, because it might use a lot of resources, but it works at the moment while a better solution is added



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