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My Personal Controller Setup Guide (AntiMicroX)


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I'm personally not a fan of JoyToKey as it seems overly complicated, so I've decided to put my own "guide" here for all to use.


Starting off, for controller to key mapping, I use an open source program on github called AntiMicroX. Don't worry, if you don't understand github or don't trust it, this program is also on SourceForge and Microsoft Store for completely free.

When you first open up AntiMicroX, you'll be greeted with a relatively easy to understand UI:

Current screenshot: 1 out of 4

This is the only page of the program you should need to map your controller. AntiMicroX auto detects your controller, with support for almost any type including 3rd parties, but if you do find that you can't get your controller to work with AntiMicroX, try checking the Issues page on Github.


You'll know that its working and recognizes your controller when you see this towards the top of the program:

Now that you've got it all set up we can keybind, I'll show you which keybinds I personally prefer.

You should know that AntiMicroX doesn't overwrite controller inputs, so if you bind something to say, RS/R3 and click in your right stick you will still turn around as that button defaults in rocket league as reverse cam.



I've unbound all buttons with an action in the cheat from my controller, If your wondering how I quick chat, I just use my keyboard.

I left all my keybinds with the cheat default as they already do a good job at avoiding in-game binds, my primary aerial is the normal aerial and my secondary is normal freestyle.


That's all you really need to know, now get out there and hit diamond in 3 days!

Little extra, if you want to use Bakkes Mod with this, you need to load Heisa's cheat first, then open Bakkes and let it inject

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